The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Delusions Out of Davos, a Media Trend Already for the Year, and the Newest Banned Word

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With the culmination of the World Economic Forum, there are some in the press rather perturbed that many on the right noticed what was being promoted. Oliver Darcy, for one, insists that conservatives are spreading conspiracies about the conference, despite those being based on what was discussed at the WEF.

To go along with that, this explanation follows a new tendency from the press this young year, which is to accuse those on the right and/or from right-wing media of engaging in unattributed claims. The problem — those claims are based on prior press coverage.

There is also a Greta Thunberg update that carries a rather fractured fact-check, and then the word out of England is that they have a new word we should be forbidden to use. It is both a ridiculous claim and one with a ridiculous solution.

Now crack one open and savor some mainstream mayhem.




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