The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: From Elon's Docs to Rashida's Torts to Kanye's Slurs

Your source to mainline mainstream media misdeeds and malpractice.

Of course, we had to delve into the weekend’s big news regarding The Twitter Files. It was astounding to watch the collective press industry face a company exposing internal documents in the name of transparency and instead of becoming excited by the opportunity to research they instead recoil from it and lash out at Matt Taibbi for helping report on it. It has been a revealing enterprise as the journalist set either worked hard to delegitimize the exposed information or they ignored it completely.

Also, there was Kanye West having a complete breakdown on Info Wars and some journalists strive to make his completely unacceptable comments an indictment of the Republican Party, somehow. I also look at instances of latching on to troubling personalities taking place on the left and with the media and somehow they do not become responsible for those meltdowns.

Then there is a curious twist in the Tiffany Cross firing, Joe Biden needs a map when campaigning for Raphael Warnock, and we learn from the Washington Post how “Shark Week” is both racist and sexist.

Now crack one open and savor some Mainstream media mayhem.




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