The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Biden's Troubling Disconnect, More Hurricane Hysterics, and the Weekend Document Dump

Your source to mainline mainstream media malpractice.

It has been a jarring week for Joe Biden as he visits two storm-ravaged areas in between his stops for fundraisers, before kiting to Delaware — again. During one money party, he dropped some rather unsettling words, and once again, the Joe Biden administration had to correct Joe Biden’s comments. And once again, the media is disinterested in this glaring disconnect.

Then I address the coverage coming out of Florida in the hurricane aftermath as the press continues to look for problems and look for ways to avoid covering progress being made. Then, for the Weekend Document Dump™, there is new New York Times confusion, more Politifact truth-avoidance, and Chris Cuomo makes a curious move to re-establish his credibility.

Now crack one open and savor some more media mayhem.






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