The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Ron DeSantis, Stacey Abrams, and NBC News' Horrible Week

Your source to mainline mainstream media misbehavior and malpractice.

Yes, yes – we have to cover some Martha’s Vineyard drama — mainly because the journalism industry lost their ever-loving minds when Ron Desantis sent over a few dozen of the millions of immigrants who have poured over the border. I’ll bring you some of the juicier reactions from the press; that is, the dumbest, of course.

Then there is a disturbing case of a major news network working to kill off a news story without ever proving it inaccurate. Also, we have the New York Times taking two opposing sides on the inflation issue, Stacey Abrams actually has the stones to go on The View and claim she never refused to concede her election (I bring the audio receipts), and then there is NBC News delivering the scalding claim of a racist chicken fast food chain…that gets completely debunked by roughly 47 seconds of research.

Now crack one open and savor some media mayhem.




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