Journalist Hacks Expose Their Election Bias Early and Often, With Infantile Attacks on Bolduc

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Journalists are basically resorting to the “Heads I win, tails you lose” style of reporting.

Regardless of your stance on his platform, New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Don Bolduc is unintentionally exposing the hackery on the left and in the media. His candidacy has been a lightning rod of sorts for that crowd, and it is revealing the mental machinations and coercion attempts of those factions.


Bolduc’s campaign is regarded as a barometer by those on the left, and they are striving to position him as some sort of figurehead of the Trump/MAGA/Big Lie entity the left has erected. The conceit is if they can make an example out of Bolduc, then it will be seen as some sort of repudiation of the entire GOP wing they’ve demonized for years. The evidence can be found in the amount of effort applied to a campaign that would otherwise be off the radar for most people.

Bolduc was the latest recipient of the Democrats’ effort to boost GOP candidates in primaries in an effort to position what they consider to be weaker opponents for their own candidates. Bolduc enjoyed a massive push from none other than Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s PAC, to a level of $3.2 million in advertising. A cynical ploy to be sure, but the rapacious need for political power in D.C. has become this desperate.

Exposing the sham was none other than CNN ratchet-jaw and former Clinton toady David Axelrod. The moment Bolduc won the primary, there was Dave, proclaiming how Bolduc was supposedly emblematic of the Republican party “election-denier” position. 


This shows what the intention was all along, but it is also something that should be used in judo-like fashion against the Dems. They love to bray about the threats and dangers posed by those who allegedly cling to The Big Lie, and how these people hold a significant desire to undermine our nation. If that is truly the case, then why are the Democrats throwing millions of dollars to support such a dangerous individual who wants to undermine our democracy?! This should be held up as proof that they are supporting those who want to undermine our Constitution; hold them to their own narrative.

Further illustrating that the press is clearly favoring one party, we have Chris Cillizza offering his cerebral, hot intuition on the coming election. Understand first that Chris has been energetically detailing and criticizing those who have been pushing the theory that Trump actually won the election, ridiculing and delivering his contempt. He has been one of those calling for Republicans to disavow the denialism and declare Biden the rightfully-elected president.

Now that Republicans are starting to do that, here comes Cillizza with more contempt. He is not happy that a number of GOP candidates are asserting the legitimacy of the result; instead, it becomes a new reason for him to scold with his criticism.


Bolduc’s research into the 2020 election concluded just as the Republican primary was ending. That he had the gall to try it — and to do so less than 48 hours after winning a primary due in large part to his adherence to the tenets of Trumpism — speaks to the almost-impossible tightrope that Republican candidates are being forced to walk.

You have to appreciate the comedic paradox from Cillizza. He calls for the Republicans to do something, some of the Republicans do that very thing, and then he scorches them for doing what he suggested. It is as shallow a tactic as you will find; he is damned no matter what Bolduc does. 

This issue is not that Democrats are staging these ploys for political gain. That is how the game is played. What is contemptible is the press playing right along with them. The brazen favoritism is pathetic, but also expected.



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