The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Assassins Breed Contempt, Disinformation Outrage, and Twitter Selectively Targets Outlets Again

Your source to mainline mainstream media mayhem and malpractice.

Plenty of journalism japery abounds this week, starting with the assassination of Shinzo Abe bringing out the bias in many news outlets. A Japanese conservative has to be labeled as extreme, and other descriptions in “respect for the dead” fashion.

Then I look at the New York Times delivering a love note about the government striving to once again start up a disinformation task force. I list off the numerous examples of news outlets delivering disinformation this week that went ignored in a rather blatant fashion.

Then in the Friday Document Dump™, we have Twitter acting up AND violating its own standards, Axios fearing that the GOP might turn mean like the Democrats, and Rolling Stone delivering some of its patented fractured journalistic standards.

Now, crack one open and enjoy some media mayhem.




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