D.C. Newspaper Turns DC-Comics -- Washington Post Makes Cassidy Hutchinson a Comic Book Heroine

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Continuing journalism’s uncritical look at Cassidy Hutchinson, the Washington Post illustrates her J-6 Committee performance.

The Washington Post, on July 4, came out with a new spin on the investigation-in-name-only of the January 6 riot on the Capitol by taking journalistic melodramatics to a new level. In a piece of artistic theatrics, the paper has decided to illustrate for readers some of the most cinematic moments in a recent piece of performative witness testimony. 


It is safe to say that the Washington Post has also drawn for us an image of the media fealty to this Democrat cause.

It’s bad enough that the press corps of this nation has been in a full act of compliance with the January 6 Commission, but that slavish, slobbering positive coverage plumbed new depths as the hearings recently segued into televised histrionics. Any thought that possibly a nadir in fawning coverage had been reached was dispelled when last week a hastily-scheduled new hearing was delivered on June 28.

This was when the “surprise” witness, Cassidy Hutchinson, was brought before the cameras and delivered new testimony that was scathing, explosive, historic, transformative, revelatory, and all other manners of thesaurus-straining hyperbolic description. Just calling Hutchinson a surprise witness defied credulity here because she had previously testified to this very same panel. This is only the start of the lack of curiosity seen in the press.

Hutchinson’s testimony has been called into question by The Secret Service, Mark Meadows, Eric Herschmann, and others who are questioning an alleged discussion with Pat Cipollone. Then factor in the revelation she sought help from conservative groups regarding her prior testimony, seeking advice and counsel in order “to deal with this BS,” and you have a witness who has strayed from being questionable to downright disqualifying.


The editorial team at the Washington Post has not let any of these issues dissuade them from their ardor for Hutchinson and the J-6 Commission. They elected to gather up Cassidy’s choice comments from the transcript and then illustrate those scenes for the outlet’s readers. WaPo provides almost a dozen frames dramatizing the fable Hutchinson weaved last Tuesday, seeking graphic novel levels of import, but frankly veering much closer to unintentional comic strip mirth.

To see the level of affection for her display here is how the paper introduced things.

Like no witness before her, Cassidy Hutchinson brought the public inside the West Wing on Jan. 6 and in the days surrounding it. In live testimony and clips from her videotaped deposition, she used vivid detail to recount scenes involving President Donald Trump and some of his closest associates.


From there it is onward with the emblematic embellishments, to cast us into these vivid scenes.


The visual histrionics are amusing but do not cast a flattering light on WaPo. To go with the ketchup on the wall scene, we also have an image of Cassidy tentatively peering out of a doorway as a cloud of cacophony enters the frame from the left. Then there is the subtle image of President Trump stewing in the back of the presidential limousine, fist clenched and stark red lines emanating from his golden pate, his overblown enragement on display for all to absorb. It is almost as if we are riding shotgun with Secret Service agent Bobby Engel!

Of course, all of this is presented in an unquestioning fashion. None of Cassidy’s words are called into question or in the least bit framed by critical analysis. We get her uninterrupted text accompanied by supportive visuals, and we are to become immersed in the tableau as the heft of the dramatics overtakes us. It is as laughable as it is shameful. This display makes my prior satirical reading of a CNN analyst’s embarrassing glowing coverage of Hutchinson whither by comparison.


The only thing left is to await Cassidy being cast into the next superhero release in theaters, as Marvel and DC Comics enter into a bidding war for the rights to her story. It should fit in quite perfectly with the woke scripts they have been churning out of late.


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