The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: The DGB Is DOA, Netflix Wakes up, and the Friday Document Dump

Your source to mainline the mayhem from Mainstream Media.

Time again for your last gasp of greatness before the weekend, and there is plenty of press pathology to go over.

Biden’s attempt at controlling the national narrative went out of control to such a degree that it is already disbanding, in a rapid flurry the likes of which would impress CNN+ (Sorry, too soon?!) Basically, it came down to the explanation that the board set up to address problems with disinformation was undone by disinformation from the right. Even if true, it was an admission they could not do their job, so that justifies the decision, if we are honest.

Then I’ll go over how Netflix is taking a number of steps away from the woke agenda that has plagued the company over the past year.

Then it is time for The Friday Document Dump™, as I cover the Associated Press’ Pouncing, another J-6 bombshell that failed to detonate, the failure to restrict voting in Georgia, Chuckles at NBC News pushing for censorship, and an update on the non-status of Chris Wallace.

So crack one open and settle in for some media mockery.



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