The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: The AP Fails to Debunk a Documentary, While CNN Fails at a New Prediction on Violence

Your source to mainline the mayhem in the Mainstream media.

This past weekend, the new documentary by Dinesh D’Souza called “2000 Mules,” about some of the chicanery during the 2020 election, was released. The Associated Press thought it had the ultimate slam-dunk fact-checking the film, but I go over how it resorted to tricks and diversionary thought to build up its non-case.

Then I cover how Will Saletan from The Bulwork was displaying how the True Conservatives™ at the site were bothered that a conservative issue like repealing abortion would help the Democrats. (Poor Will missed the CNN poll showing an overall benefit for the GOP come November.)

Meanwhile, over at CNN, the distemper crowd was mistakenly claiming everyone was bracing for violence from the far-right, all while the press recalibrated actual violence seen from the left. Then I perform an autopsy on a failed Daniel Dale fact-check, and we wrap up with a deeply curious case of plagiarism in publishing.

So, crack one open and savor some more media mockery.




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