Evan McMullin (Opportunistic Party) Takes a Stand on Abortion Rights That Opposes…Evan McMullin

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The ever-desperate candidate Evan McMullin seems incapable of keeping his own positions straight.

Normally, such a case as this is easily dismissed. After all, the history of Evan McMullin is one that almost demands he be ignored outright, but when he provides direct evidence of the very grifting opportunism he is known for, it becomes hard to ignore. And hard to keep from laughing.


Currently, McMullin is running for the Senate seat in Utah, but not as a Republican, despite his claimed conservative credentials. Evan has the claimed desire to unseat Mike Lee who is up for reelection, but not in the GOP primary. You would think battling for conservative votes would be the natural course for the man who built a reputation – but not a career – as a principled anti-Trump conservative. 

Except Sen. Lee is not exactly a Trump mouthpiece, so this undercuts Evan’s preferred method of gaining notice. Also of note is that Lee won his last reelection with nearly 70 percent of the votes, with a staunchly conservative agenda, so McMullin would have little to run contrary to in a campaign. So this leaves him with little choice but to run as an independent. But McMullin is not going for a House seat, so you have to wonder just how serious his desire for a Washington position actually might be.

It appears, not very serious. It also appears that the goal here is to simply draw in money, as he is not exactly building up his legitimacy. McMullin has already pledged he will not caucus with either party should he win his election. This undercuts any relevance were he to reach the Senate as it impedes chances for committee appointments – but, it means he is not distancing any potential voters…and donors.


As the furor continues over the leaked opinion draft from the Supreme Court over the abortion case, McMullin decided he needed to weigh in on the issue, attempting to sound wizened on the issue as he actually failed to take a firm position on the topic. Just take in this equivocating stand.

This is a junior class on how to sound authoritarian on a topic without taking a firm position: 

  • I’m concerned
  • My campaign is about forging a new way forward
  • I will advocate for sensible legislation
  • “…improves support for women
  • “…establishes reasonable standards
  • Our commitment to life must be more comprehensive
  • “…judging less and doing more

He gives no direct actions to be taken, nor delivers any policy specifics. On a third-rail subject such as abortion, Evan tries to straddle the fence and not upset anyone by not saying anything. This makes for the most milquetoast of T-shirt slogans – basically, “I like good ideas that make sense.” However, this amorphous agenda flies directly in the face of another politician’s direct messaging on abortion: Evan McMullin, circa 2016.

Recall, that year Evan claimed he was the sound and moral choice for conservatives in the presidential race. When the land baron from Manhattan won the GOP nod in the primary, McMullin was tabbed to serve as the ethical alternative, becoming the Never-Trump candidate in a campaign operated by the political operative with distemper, Rick Wilson. It was nothing more than a craven money grab, evidenced by Evan finishing not only a distant position from Trump but also trailing the Libertarian and the Green Party candidates.


Now, his bid in Utah echoes that same vacant process, and for proof, we need only to look at his wan commentary on abortion today. When he was opposing Trump, Evan took a more forceful stance. Then, he actually supported the exact same position as seen in that leaked SCOTUS draft — McMullin was all about repealing the 1973 ruling.

Today, McMullin considers his call to repeal Roe vs. Wade extreme, and he is concerned about what will happen. What changed? For one, his opponent. In 2016, Trump was a supporter of abortion. Today, he opposes Mike Lee, who is a pro-life senator. Secondly, McMullin is the de facto Democrat candidate. Calling to repeal the abortion ruling will not fly with his adopted party, even in Utah.

Just over a week ago, the Utah Democratic Party delegates voted to dispatch their own candidate and instead throw their support behind McMullin for the November election. As a result, the principled conservative cannot run on his prior call to repeal the national abortion ruling. Today he is a neutered voice on the matter, who is “concerned” and wants to “judge less and do more.” 


As a result of this paid-escort-level of dedication to his principles, Evan McMullin will discover where his campaign faces the toughest challenge in the coming months. He will effectively need to campaign against himself.

Supporter Alison Greathouse, left, poses with independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin during a University of Utah candidate forum, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016, in Salt Lake City. M



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