Evan McMullin Starts Group to Defend Conservatism, Fight Trump

Evan McMullin isn’t going away anytime soon. Today, he has launched a new group to defend the basic tenets of conservatism and fight the very man he believes threatens it – Donald Trump.

The group, called “Stand Up Republic,” is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization that aims to oppose Trump, starting with an ad drop on Trump’s connections to Russia.

Stand Up Republic’s first television spot questions Trump’s ties to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, and suggests that the new president is hiding something and needs to come clean about his connections to Moscow.

The ad is clearly intended to provoke the president. It’s slated to run for two weeks in the Washington and New York markets only — and only on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” because Trump is known to be an avid watcher of the cable news network’s morning program.

While it aims to be a group to help grassroots conservatives fight Trump, the Washington Examiner piece linked above also says that they will partner up with left-leaning groups who share similar concerns on Trump’s connections to Russia, and other issues.

“Our goals are to grow a grassroots movement that will be able to exert influence over both the president and members of Congress,” McMullin said during an interview in which he provided the Washington Examiner a first-look at the group and the television ad.

“Vladimir Putin is carrying out a campaign to subvert democracies across Europe, and here,” McMullin added. “We’re standing up to that.”

McMullin and Mindy Flinn started the group after running an independent campaign ticket to challenge Trump in the 2016 presidential election.