Lie-Able Sources: The Media Musk Meltdown, New York Post Has Another Story Blocked, and the Friday Document Dump

Your source to mainline mayhem from mainstream media.

A delayed episode, what with the Lepus holiday, but again it is a packed episode with much going on. The press has been in full-blown crisis mode with the announcement from Elon Musk that he wants to purchase Twitter outright. Journalists have come out in force to oppose his desire – but they have not come out in wisdom. It is a sight to behold as they lose control and their grip on reality.

There is also more news on how poorly CNN’s new streaming service is performing, as the audience is not showing up to watch the programming — at all. I have the data showing what a bust this has already become.

Then in The Document Dump, there is a new issue with the New York Post having another accurate news story being blocked by social media, new Chris Cuomo developments, and some journos continuing to struggle over Florida’s parental rights law, as well as a look at how the return of Rachel Maddow is exposing some bad news for her network.

Pop open a can, and enjoy a round of media mockery!




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