The Lie-Able Sources Podcast: Holes in a News Shield, Confirmation Bias, and the Friday Document Dump

Your source to mainline mayhem from mainstream media.

In this episode, there are the expected examples of the press losing their mind, and their grasp on common sense, when it comes to the confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson. I cover how the media mynah birds repeated verbatim the talking points from the White House on successive days, as well as giving a few choice examples of unhinged analysis in the name of support.

There is also an examination of the outlet NewsGuard, which is less a fact-check of the news as it is a grading source of news outlets. I’ll walk you through their biased standards, and then expose them as being no less partisan than the rest of the journalism complex. Spoiler: RedState was given a poor grade. (Gasp!)

And in the Friday Document Dump, there is a look into BuzzFeed’s fizzling financials, Philip Bump pretending to do a serious analysis in how they got the Hunter Laptop story wrong, David French advising Clarence Thomas on text message recusals, and a collection of flameout, media hit jobs on Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

Pop open a can, and enjoy a round of media mockery!


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