The Left Has Managed to Solve the Racism Problem... Now, Everything Is Racist!

(Deborah Cannon/Austin American-Statesman via AP, File)

Recently, their race card went way over the limit, and the account is now closed.

We saw this coming at the start of the year. I wrote in January how the New York Times attempted to impugn tiki bars by claiming the concept is cultural appropriation and exploiting other countries. That almost all of the elements of tiki are fabricated, and the influences of the movement come from not only multiple countries but numerous continents, it exposed the hollowness of the claim. Then factor that the biggest source might be from an American state —  Hawaii — and the outrage was gone faster than yelling down a volcano.

This fall has been a remarkable time, as we have watched the press and leftist activists go into overdrive with the insistence that just about anything that is not panning out for their side politically is due to racism. This is by no means a new tactic – we are all very attuned to the common tactic of resorting to the charge to score a hit on a topic. But for weeks now, the Left has moved from a scattergun method to using it like automatic gunfire.

The recent spate of supremacist strictures has been laughable, not only in the sheer number but also in the ridiculous nature of most of the claims. Once we look at the wave of charges, we see that this is not only a case of “If everything, then nothing,” but that the desperation to place that label on any instance of conflict meant it no longer sticks. The accusation that used to be incendiary has turned insipid, and it is now impotent.

Take a look over this list of items we have been told are racist, from just the last few months, and see how this charge has no longer managed to land any type of discernable impact on its intended targets.


Voting Against Terry McAuliffe

The vote for Virginia’s governor was one of deepening importance for the Democrats and the press since it served as a bellwether for how poorly the Dems chances are in the upcoming midterm election. As the former candidate was dancing his way into oblivion on the campaign trail, it was becoming more likely he was not going to win. In a last-ditch effort to save McAuliffe from himself, it began being said that supporting his opponent was racist, and after his inevitable loss, the volume on that shrieking increased. 

This was the fuse that killed off all seriousness of the charge since it became a case of white supremacy for Virginia voters to elect the first-ever POC Lieutenant Governor and the first Hispanic attorney general, and not vote for this translucent, privileged gyrating goober.


Critical Race Theory

Talk about not seeing the forest because the trees keep getting in the way – this is a built-in racial conflict that supporters sound surprised turned into an issue. When parents began to push back against schools wanting to insert this race-based curriculum, those defending it charged they were doing so because they were white. You mean to tell us that teaching kids how they are damaged goods and need to fix their station in life due to their skin color might be controversial?! The astounding part is that in accusing the critics of CRT as having a race-based opposition, they have to ignore that the opposition is to a race-based lesson plan.



Springing out of the CRT flap, those being critical of teachers have been said to be racist. School closures, mask mandates, and other oppressive overreaches by school boards are said to be problematic. The press has an automatic default to supporting teachers, so it is not surprising to see idiotic arguments made, such as merely invoking the word “education” is using racial codes.



All-White Courtrooms

One of the biggest bafflements has been the media shrieking we were subjected to with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. For weeks we heard the bleating of how this trial was all about race, that Rittenhouse was a white supremacist, and this case was an example of the racism instilled in our court systems. That Rittenhouse, his victims, the prosecutors, the defense team, the judge, and the entire jury were all white individuals meant that questions asking where the racism existed, in this case, went unanswered.



When Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg gave a speech in support of Joe Biden’s massive infrastructure bill he cited one of the items needing to be addressed was the issue of racist bridges. This had dumbfounded people, and left them asking: Just what in the hell is he talking about? Secretary Pete was referencing a biography that was 50 years old, about a city planner who allegedly built bridges too low to keep the minorities away from the beaches – some 90 years ago. That he was selling the concept of black residents not being able to make their way to beaches today and was somehow not being racist in doing so pretty much put an end to this claim.


Blocking Biden’s Build Back Better Bill

Of course, GOP opposition to a pornographically massive spending plan in the era of spiraling inflation has must be due to racism. Spending obscene amounts on things like restructuring our entire energy dependence system has to be based on not liking those people different than us.


The Senate Filibuster

This year-long argument resurfaced when Biden had trouble selling his plan, and the Democrats resorted to once again demonizing this centuries-old voting tactic. The arguments behind the charge are based on civil rights laws over the years that were blocked using the filibuster. What is never addressed is how in all of those instances it was the Democratic Party using the method to block those bills. Also never allowed to be mentioned: in 2020, the Democrats invoked the racist filibuster a historical record amount of times, in what has to be assumed to be a hateful and intolerant fashion.



One of the desperate methods to sell Biden’s spending proposals has been that somehow, there is a racial component to… trees. Urban centers lack them, you see, and those privileged whites in the suburbs are able to plant more or something.

Earlier this year a proposed school mascot became a racial hot-button issue when the idea of making it an evergreen tree was said to be problematic because…blacks had been lynched in trees. The issue recently took an even dumber turn, when Vice President Kamala Harris was visiting NASA and asked on camera about being able to track trees by race. In the name of environmental justice. The idiocy was so apparent that it started the hashtag #BlackTreesMatter


Food Markets 

This is an asinine concept that the eggheads in academia are trying to push. Apparently, based on a speech called “Examining Whiteness In Food Systems”, we are told white supremacy creates food insecurity by focusing on whiteness across our national food systems. (You WILL use mayonnaise on all sandwiches!!) Where all of this falls apart is that they say whiteness defines whether foods are good or bad. However, this appears to be the direct result of the arguments over the past few years that eating foreign dishes was a form of cultural appropriation. This seems like we are damned if we do or don’t, regardless of what is on the menu.


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