Critical Race Theory Guru Ibram X. Kendi Pushes a Survey That Demolishes His Grift Then Reconsiders But Not Fast Enough

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Just as a good magician never reveals his tricks or techniques, so, too, should an accomplished grifter keep close to his vest any flaws in his grift.

One of the most prominent grifters in the news is Dr. (so-called) Ibram X. Kendi. Kendi is a purveyor of particularly vile racist and counterfactual pap to schools and corporations. He teaches that our society is racist to its core. He claims the United States was founded on racism, that its ideals and founding principles are racist, and that White folks, in particular, remain especially racist. They, the story goes, are racist because their behavior and culture are racist and infused with white supremacy.


And because they have “White privilege” that ensures their success even as they hold down members of the BIPOC (that’s Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, for you rubes and yokels) community.

Kendi has written books on the subject; indeed, he has nearly created an industry. He’s sort of the Henry Ford or Andrew Carnegie of monetizing racial grievance.

All joking aside, you have to admire his hustle. He gets paid a lot of money to tell upper socio-economic class, White liberals how f***ed up they are as they clap like seals. On the other hand, I, a possessor of White privilege, have to do the same job for free as they try to get me banned from social media. I’m not sure how him nearly single-handedly flipping Virginia Red will fit into his marketing mix, but I’m sure he will find a way.


This brings me back to my opening.

Last week, The Hill published an article titled More than a third of white students lie about their race on college applications, survey finds. The article is about a survey from something called “Intelligent,” which should be getting served by the Federal Trade Commission for false and misleading naming of their website just about now, that claims:

The survey found that 34% of white Americans who’ve applied to college falsely claimed on their applications they’re a racial minority.

The number one reason why applicants faked minority status is to improve their chances of getting accepted (81%). Fifty percent also lied to benefit from minority-focused financial aid.

Plausible so far. I know I choose random racial categories whenever asked to feed crap into the race grievance data mill. Then we have this:

Nearly half of all respondents who lied about their minority status (48%) identified themselves as Native American on their applications.

Thirteen percent claimed to be Latino, 10% claimed to be Black, and 9% claimed to be Asian or Pacific Islander.

This statement immediately brought to my mind a conversation I had with a two-star while I was a staff officer in the Pentagon. He told me that he found my conclusions to be “incredible.” Then he went on to say, “not ‘incredible’ like in ‘wow’ but incredible like in ‘bullsh**’.”

So a third of White applicants lie about their race on college admissions. Were that statement true, it would mean that over half of all college students would identify as minorities. It would also mean that if these applicants were truthful, then college students would be about 80% White. That isn’t the case. The racial composition of college students is amazingly similar to that of the population at large. But it gets better. Less than one percent of all college students identify as American Indian (sorry, my family has been here since 1636, I’m Native American). According to the survey, roughly half of those falsely claiming minority status say they are American Indian. For this survey to be correct, somewhere around 10% of all college students should be classified as American Indian. One of two things has happened here. Either the sample for this survey was wildly unsuccessful in applying to college…or the survey data is entirely unreliable.


This article should have been read by tens of people and forgotten, but Kendi chose to point it out in this now-deleted tweet.

Ibram Kendi tweet on college student applications

This survey, and Kendi’s approving retweet, seem to be in direct contrast with his grift…I mean hypothesis. If being White gave you an advantage on college applications, which “White privilege” would imply, then you’d expect to find BIPOC applicants saying they are White. If the survey is anywhere near correct, it points to the fact that about half of all college students perceive claiming minority status as the easiest way to obtain college admission and scholarships. None of this screams “systemic racism” or “White privilege.”

Kendi was thoroughly dragged over this, even by his allies, and eventually deleted the tweet.

Later, Kendi tried to do damage control by explaining his actions. It is gibberish that never answers the critical question of why half of all White college students would lie about their race to gain college admission and, more importantly, why Kendi thought that number sounded reasonable. Amuse yourself if you wish.

Even if we accept at face value that systemic racism shunts minority students off into crap schools with crap teachers teaching crap, it doesn’t address why it is plausible to him that half of White college applicants would pull an Elizabeth Warren and claim to be something other than what they are unless there was some perceived advantage. So the real question for Kendi is, why would they or he think such a thing?


And as the tragedy of Kendi’s self-beclowning continued; naturally, it resolved itself into farce. Jack Posobiec, who edits Human Events, was instrumental in Kendi’s dragging, and when Kendi deleted the tweet, he claimed victory. “I broke Kendi,” he proclaimed. Of course, that drew an outraged response:

Because everything is about race.

Sooner or later, Kendi’s gravy train (is that a White supremacist term, too?) is going to come to an end. It is just a matter of time until most will see this for the grift that it is, and Kendi will retire to his mansion and live out his life in luxury. But, unfortunately, before that happens, he will do untold damage and create racial animus of the type that this nation thought had long ago disappeared.



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