With Michigan Falling Apart, Andrea Mitchell Serves as a Proper DNC Spin Merchant in Defense of Gretchen Whitmer

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio, Pool

Things look deplorable there, so it cannot be the precious leader’s fault.

In proper accountability-ducking fashion, there are problems surfacing in Michigan regarding the Covid outbreaks in the state, and it is being presented to us that the pandemic heroine Gretchen Whitmer is not to blame. When the country is seeing a collective decline in cases, and reaching a low in Covid deaths not seen in a year Michigan is having dramatic spikes. Just do not look to the state capital to assess responsibility.

First, the Governess came forward with a daft theory; her state is suffering as a result of another state. Of course, Ron DeSantis, of Florida had to be pointed to as the culprit. That man has dastardly opened his state and removed mask mandates, in defiance of President Biden, Dr. Anthony Fraudci, and the media. So, of course, it is his fault! Except, small matter, Florida has seen steady declines in both cases and deaths since New Years’, so it will be difficult to claim this state is seeding her outbreak.

Now to the rescue comes Andrea Mitchell. In a report on the rising number in Michigan, Andrea saw where our hearts should be placed, citing ‘’Considerable tension between Governor Whitmer – a Democrat, a Biden ally on the shortlist for vice president – and the White House over all of this, with pressure on her.”

That is some well-placed sympathy, Mrs. Mitchell. Let’s face it, the health and well-being of the citizens of the state are, at best, secondary when compared to the political fortunes of a beloved leader. So in a desperate case like this, you have to rely on the old standby; you guessed it, this is all the fault of the evil Republicans.

Her hands are pretty well tied in Michigan because of…but the Republican legislature has stopped her from having emergency authorization over, you know, shutdowns….And she’s facing 10 supreme court lawsuits, in the state supreme court, against shutdowns, having lost her authority.

It seems a bit tough to lay all the blame at the feet of the legislature, for rather obvious reasons. You have a hard enough task presenting Whitmer as a neutered leader, let alone selling that premise, once you consider this is the woman who enforced in the neighborhood of 200 executive orders. She’s hardly a handcuffed handmaiden on this issue. 

Mitchell had on as a guest NBC News medical affairs Dr. John Torres, and she basically begged the medical professional for a bailout. ‘’If you don’t have the authority, that public health authority, to mandate those shutdowns, then you’re relying on human behavior,’’ he said, playing right into the media narrative of calling for more control. After all, Whitmer has been one of the harshest lockdown leaders in the country, so naturally, let’s continue with the process that led to this new outbreak. Shutdowns have not worked yet, so keep at it!

‘’We’ve seen other countries around the world as well,’’ Torres continued, ‘’the ones that seem to be handling it are the ones that either can mandate those shutdowns or can go ahead and people there are doing what they need to do to keep them under control.’’

Interesting that we will not be hearing about the methods of the accursed governor Whitmer invoked in her blame spiral. Ron DeSantis is the last name that they want to mention in a positive light, and yet, you see nothing but negative Covid numbers in the Sunshine State. DeSantis was able to recently report that the Covid deaths in Florida have almost disappeared, falling to single-digit levels. 

That is great news to most people, but DeSantis has the dreaded ® after his name, so this data is horrible, and he is evil. Whitmer, meanwhile, is to be shielded from criticism at all costs, even when that cost is the expense of her citizens’ health.

Watch the spinning and ducking taking place below.