President Biden Was Hit By His Own Pitch and His Major League Screwup May Now Affect Another Sporting Enterprise

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It is clear by his handling of the Georgia vote/MLB fiasco his leadership is rudderless.

It has become increasingly clear the White House has realized they have severely overplayed their hand in the response to the Georgia voting law recently signed by Governor Brian Kemp. For weeks the President has likened the new voting rules in place to be akin to the most pernicious racist laws we have seen in this country. This kind of divisive and intolerant language from The Great Uniter has inspired corporations to behave like collegian activists, and now the administration is seeing themselves forced into a gold-medal fiasco-in-the-making.


Following Biden’s insistence to describe the race-free language in the Georgia law as ‘’Jim Crow on Steroids’’ the administration faces a reality of impacting black businesses it has relied upon for support. The White House thought they were in safe territory by tap-dancing loudly on the ‘’that’s racist!’’ stage, but now they see their words are evolving into actions with negative results. Major League Baseball has taken on Biden’s inspiration and boldly decided to pull its All-Star game out of Atlanta in response to the law, and things look poorly on everyone involved.

The move has stripped an event out of a city to the tune of at least $100 million, where the President and Democrats claimed they supported the citizens. MLB has settled on a replacement city — Denver, Colorado. This is a state that ALSO has an ID requirement for voting, and two fewer early voting days than the state claimed to have made things tougher on black voters. Then it was realized that Atlanta is a city with 50% POC citizens and 30% blacked-owned businesses, in favor of Denver, with an 80% white gentry.

This could not come off looking any worse for those involved, without involving a city that was located inside a gated community and staging the game inside of Miracle Whip Stadium. Now Biden finds his hands being forced on another athletic matter with even more grave consequences. One of the common responses to MLB opposing the supposed voting rights abuses in Georgia is how the league could have such a strong opinion on the matter, considering they staged games not so long ago in the voting-unfriendly confines of Cuba. 



In like fashion, if the administration is so outraged at sports played in a state with stringent voting regulations then there needs to be a question posed — What about China? There we see a country that has far worse voting issues leveled against its citizenry, and with the President making such bold pronouncements about those rights it means he now has to regard the approach towards those with tougher restrictions.

As a result, the administration has stated they are exploring a new decision.

While on the one hand it stands up to reason, we do need to ask if that reason would be so evident had President Biden not leaned so heavily on the Georgia law, and had he not nudged MLB to take its action. Now the administration has to take this position, as they have demonized one of the American states so heartily that a communist state with heavier voting restrictions needs to be addressed. 

This is a similar position many corporations fall into. Those CEOs who slander Georgia as a human rights abuser have to be checked for striking far more lucrative deals in hostile nations. The CEO of Coke was upset at the law, but he produces his product in China, unbothered. Hollywood voiced outrage at Georgia’s abortion laws but was content to reach new agreements in Saudi Arabia, where the ladies are far less free. 


Now President Biden is painted into a sports corner with a brush he has been swinging wildly. It will be worth watching to see how he unites his standards on this matter.


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