Biden’s Crisis-Denying White House Requests Two Military Bases Provide Them With More Storage Space

Biden’s Crisis-Denying White House Requests Two Military Bases Provide Them With More Storage Space
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For an administration claiming there is no problem, they sure need a bevy of solutions.

As the southern border continues to resemble a rush-hour thoroughfare, the Biden team continues with the attempt at gaslighting the issue. Choosing to focus on proper labels rather than fixing things is proving ineffective in combating what they deem is a ‘’challenge’’. They prefer you focus on the terminology and not on their actions, such as a request recently made to the military.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby made the announcement that they have received the petition from the White House to have use of two military bases in Texas. The Department of Homeland Services has asked for use of sectors within two bases in that state — Fort Bliss, and Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland — for the purpose of housing the growing tide of migrant arrivals. The primary need is to be able to shelter the wave of unaccompanied minors crossing into Texas.

At Fort Bliss, there was a request for a parcel of land, presumed to be a location for the temporary shelters which are used elsewhere in a beyond-capacity manner. At the San Antonio base, there was the need for a vacant dormitory. Both locations are currently being surveyed before permission would be granted, though it is expected to be issued, given these have been similarly granted in cases from 2012, and 2017.

This is a result of the Biden administration delivering mixed messages — one to our country, and one to those in other nations wishing to arrive and be accepted. Recently Jen Psaki stated, “Well, I think the messaging will continue to be that it is not the time to come, it is not a safe journey to make, that we are turning away people at the border, the majority of people are turned away at the border.” The problem with this comment is that it is in direct conflict with words her boss has spoken regarding the matter of migrants arriving at our border.

During the Democratic debates, and in interviews during his campaign, Biden made numerous pledges to favor immigrants who were to arrive. During an early debate, he promised healthcare for illegals, at a town hall he pledged not to deport any in his first 100 days and even went so far as to encourage illegals to surge to the border. In his first month, Biden signed over 40 executive orders. Over one-quarter of those were immigration issues, relaxing standards, and making the passage into the country easier.

And of course, the responsibility this administration feels in its self-created crisis is to take the obvious position — blame it on Trump. This attempt is deflated by the reality that Biden rescinded the stay-in-Mexico program, halted the construction on the border wall, and has scaled back the work of border patrol agencies. 

Biden moved in and the first thing he did was uninstall the locks and light up the pathways. Blaming those moves on the prior tenant is not going to be a successful sales job. Neither is coming up with new names for an old and larger problem. The creative labels cannot hide the fact they are resorting to using our military bases for the invasion they asked to take place.

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