Two Shootings With Two Shooters Prove Our Media Complex Is Too Depraved

Two Shootings With Two Shooters Prove Our Media Complex Is Too Depraved
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The violence and the tragedies were identical, the approach by the journalists could not be further apart.

Another shooting has taken place in the country and with it, another dose of media hysterics has followed suit. Only this time the narratives seen resulting from both instances stand in contrast. In the case of the Atlanta massage spa shootings, all manner of outrage and accusations were leveled, with evidence-free speculation permitted to rule the narrative in the press. A demonic white guy targeted Asians, and he was fueled by Donald Trump’s misnaming of a virus…is basically what we were being fed.

In Boulder Colorado, where ten people lost their lives, these same assumptions were prevalent early on. Caleb Hull has a masterful tweet thread laying out a lengthy list of certified accounts who jumped at the chance to call the shooter a ‘’white man’’ and ascribe any intentions they chose onto him without pushback, even going so far as to impugn the white race in some cases. Then the bad news landed — the shooter was Muslim. You could hear the deafening sound of DELETIONS taking place from coast to coast.

But this exposes the depth of the depravity seen in our media complex. It is not just that they were so eager to assess the darkest condemnation while operating under the belief a caucasian was behind the violence, it is that when the ethnic makeup of the shooter was altered, so too was that condemnation. Think this through; if you are outraged at the actions of a man who would take the lives of ten strangers because he is white, why would you not be similarly — or even identically — outraged when it is another race? This can only be the case if you are operating on an agenda.

As one primary example take a look at this offering from journalist C.J. Werlemen. 

Now, these are bold claims to make, and many may agree with them on one level or another. But why does any of the condemnation change when the identity is revealed to be a Muslim? Well, a part of that is that Werlemen is normally charged with defending Muslims, as he is an avowed activist against Islamophobia. But if the actions of a shooter rise to the level of alleging ‘’domestic terrorism’’ why would that accusation change with the shift in the designation of the individual? If the shooting is deemed terrorism the shooter’s background should have no impact.

Another way the press has been exposed as craven opportunists exists in the treatment of the victims. In the Atlanta shooting all we heard about was the racial makeup of those who died because that led to some form of proof of racial bias. The media could then demonize the shooter accordingly, and likewise Donald Trump, by extension. The reasons for this reaction can be numerous, in fact. 

But note the stark shift in the Boulder case. We have heard very little about those victims, and what has emerged is not being positioned in any fashion. When the shooter was accused of being white the impact of the motive would be blunted if most of the victims were white, so that was not considered an issue. Now that the killer is known to be Muslim the lack of identifying the racial makeup of those killed is both more notably avoided and far less likely to ever be mentioned.

This means the press is extremely selective in their recognition of those killed and in how they employ the display of that information. If their race interrupts the narrative intended, they are not worth mentioning, and if their race fuels a scripted reaction then those deaths are to be exploited for the intended political hit. In both examples, you have heartless efforts behind the treatment of those lost in these violent events.

Our press complex is evolving more and more into a degenerate industry, one willing to use victims in any way they see fit to drive forward a false narrative. The debased behavior needs to be pointed out at any display like this.

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