Biden’s New Covid Relief Expert Has a Record on Being Incorrect about the virus and Proving Trump Correct

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When bringing on someone to be a senior advisor possibly their having a positive track record would be a priority.

As Joe Biden is gearing up for his White House takeover appointments are being announced, with one such coming across both as unsurprising as it is uninspiring. Andy Slavitt is a holdover from the Obama administration, something he shares with a great many of those tabbed to jump aboard the already leaky S.S. Biden. But apart from being a typical D.C. swamp rat, Slavitt has a history of proving he is the wrong man for the job, starting with an obvious detail.


The man is not trained in the medical field in any capacity. 

Slavitt’s secondary education bona fides involve economics and English studies. Let us pause for a moment and swallow this bitter pill; the very people who constantly rail against the opinion of opponents as defying medical experts and viral science are placing in a leadership role of Covid relief someone who is a glorified accountant.  As Streiff laid out in grand detail yesterday, Andy has already shown himself to be the antidote to expert opinion.

Slavitt’s medical expertise is rooted in his involvement with the Obamacare rollout, something smart people operating anywhere besides the political realm would seek to have removed from their resume. But in politics the incompetent fail upward, with the least qualified occupying a sharper trajectory, so the fate of the country during a pandemic rests in the hands of a healthcare drop-out with a Masters not in virology, but in bean-counting.

Streiff displayed how graphs and charts were a challenge for Slavitt over the past year, yet amazingly this accountant has shown to have a problem with the numbers. It seems before giving the man a plum role in the administration, Biden did not check his math.


This should be held up as a success for President Trump, given our deaths are well below this figure. Slavitt is not only the very type of source the press would insist we listened to last year, his claim was supposedly backed by the medical field. But Slavitt is also something else — an Obama figure, so this means he is insulated from criticism and questioning of failed claims.

In May Slavitt made comments about a hospital’s policy decision based on a lack of available ventilators that was completely untrue.

He also excused Cuomo’s involvement in geriatric deaths in New York, pretending the governor sending positive-tested patients back into nursing homes was not a factor.

There’s a reason for this defense – Slavitt ran the agency that oversaw this very practice. So sure – let’s flip THAT guy the keys to the Covid response network, Joe! 


He declared in March that our hospitals would be overrun, with tens of thousands of more cases than we have beds to care for the sick and there would only be about 12% of the needed ventilators available. These nightmare scenarios were never realized.

Slavitt predicted a wild spike of cases in September and questioned the President’s vaccine rollout. The first did not happen, the latter – as we know – did occur. 

This is the expert Biden is leaning on to lead us through this pandemic. We should not feel any better as far as our anxiety infections.


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