Update on Biden’s Call for Unity -- Katie Hill Exposes Results Are Not Exactly Coming Together as Planned

Update on Biden’s Call for Unity -- Katie Hill Exposes Results Are Not Exactly Coming Together as Planned
(Ben Steinberger/Katie Hill Campaign via AP)

We would all get along better if those damned idiots would do as we say! 

It was a beautiful moment last month when Joe Biden, while accepting the Presidency from the media, declared he was intending to unify this nation supposedly torn asunder by the venal hatred of Donald Trump. The press swooned and there was a warm and beatific fog of compassion that swept this nation — and it lasted all of about one day. Almost as soon as Joe stumbled off of the podium, the leftists were drawing up Enemies Lists.


That is why it is with amusement that the Democrats and the press (hashtag, #Redundancy) are acting astonished that there was a reaction to Biden’s Deputy Chief of Staff referring to Republicans in vulgar terms in a recently released Glamour Magazine interview. It was barely three weeks ago that her boss mandated they put aside partisanship and stop demonizing others. Telling, when the Dept. COS fails to get the marching orders from the top.

 Senator Marco Rubio called out this empty Unity-signaling.

And right on cue, this demanded a response from the Democrats’ disgraced former Congresspredator, Katie Hill…for some reason.

Well now, that is hardly the way to bring together. Note that this is, in fact, the way the Democrats approach these types of disagreements. In order for Joe’s plan of unity to take hold that deplorable Nazi F—ers need to get in line. This follows when calls for bi-partisanship always mean the GOP needs to compromise entirely, and when Dems say they will reach across the aisle it actually means they intend to slap someone’s face.

Having Katie Hill, of all people, declaring the approach for the party clearly was not the message the Dems wanted to get out. The result of this hypocrisy being pointed out by many on the right has led to a pushback in the press. Many reporters have risen to the defense of Biden/O’Malley with some variation of this response.

No one is gasping in shock at the language used by O’Malley. What is taking place is pointing out the disconnect of Biden’s team claiming they will mend the divisiveness in this country — all while calling a huge segment of the country ‘’F—ers’’. This is the mindset; Trump said mean things for years so they need to be called names back, and it is justified. 

In order to reach this summation, however, they need to ignore the 4 years of Nazi/racist/sexist/murderer/fascist/ charges leveled at the President without pause. We also have to ignore the fact that while they express disdain for Trump’s crude language they have no hesitation in using it themselves. Just so long as we understand, in order for us to unite only one side has to fix themselves

This is about the level of cogent thinking we can expect from a Biden administration. The only way Biden could become more incoherently contradictory is if he announced he was forming a new office, called The Unity Division.

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