Because We Can Have Nothing Nice in 2020 - Feminist Outrage Towards ‘The Mandalorian’

Something of quality could possibly distract us in this miserable year, so OF COURSE it needs to be attacked.

If you had the thought that maybe an impending Joe Biden election win might calm the nerves of the ever-roiled leftist machine, let me take the time to disabuse you of such thoughts  — it won’t. As we have seen in the days since the media declared Biden our savior, the left appears very unhappy in their victory, and that bilious nature is spreading to entertainment.


One of the few bright spots in our culture has been the second season of ‘’The Mandalorian’’, on Disney Plus. The series is a wonderful addition to the Star Wars canon, lorded over by Jon Favreau and made with the care of a true fan who is instilling much of the grandeur that was sapped from the franchise in recent films. The fans have deeply embraced this new chapter in the saga, so of course it needs to be attacked by those social cranks desperate for attention.

It began with the last episode, when there were hysterics over a plot point. The beloved character of The Child (Baby Yoda) was shown consuming the eggs of a frog character, and the reaction by some was of outrage that he was consuming the eggs of a rare creature. That there was environmental contempt towards a puppet consuming the spawn of a fictional beast is about all you need to know about this craze. Then, Episode Three brought a whole new level of imbalance venom.

Fans were thrilled by the scenes where a character from the ‘’Star Wars Rebels’’ animated series, Bo Katan, was brought in. She appears with two other female Mandalorians, Axe Woves and Koska Reeves. It was a bit of a thrill for the die-hard fans and a fun development for the general audience. So, of course, one social crank had to rear up like an unwelcome sand dragon and attempt to ruin the fun.

Notorious video game activist Anita Sarkeesian had this to say about the appearance of the trio in this episode:


Now, of course, Anita does little to explain her contempt here. Why is it wrong for the female bounty hunters to have their famed armor contoured to the lines of their bodies? She never goes into detail, because as the true design of her tweet is revealed, this was less about addressing a concern than it was for a thirsty feminist to garner a massive reaction, then make the conversation about herself and the reaction she instigated. 

To paraphrase: ‘’I said something provocative about a popular item and it provoked a reaction!’’

In follow-up messages, Sarkeesian lashed out at the ‘’children’’ who reacted to her hot take, calling the responses to her ‘’temper tantrums’’, as the fans were alleged to be gate-keeping content. This is feigned pushback, as the reaction she received was in response to a moronic position on the popular show. She then exposes her own ill-conceived thought process in her later comments. ‘’Star Wars isn’t some niche exclusive tree club where you hang up a “No Girls Allowed” sign and dictate the terms of the discourse. It never was and that is not changing any time soon.’’ 

Anita, it is time for you to sit this one out. Basic logic would dictate that your claim of misogyny here is voided on the basis of one central fact — you were expressing outrage over a scene with three prominent female characters. Claiming no girls are allowed is rather insipid in this case, especially when absolutely no one was upset at their presence. Fans were raving about the scene and thrilled at the inclusion of them. To make this argument of hers even more impotent, this particular episode with the allegedly sexist representation was directed by a female, Bryce Dallas Howard.


As for any complaints that would be worthy, maybe Sarkeesian could look at those from her side of the culture spectrum, who have been lashing out at a female in this series. Regular cast member Gina Carano has been absorbing calls for her cancellation, and/or to be removed from the cast, all over her claimed intolerance on social issues. The outrage class has accused her of many social insurrections, none of which have approached validity. But in the case of a female being wrongly attacked, Sarkeesian has little to say.

Almost as if she actually wanted her outrage to be all about herself.


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