Checking In On the Blue-Check Elites who Promised to Render the Country if Trump Appointed a SCOTUS Justice


It is almost as if the promise of shutting things down entirely is as empty a threat as leaving.

It is one of the predictable characteristics of the celebrity set; demanding political results or else they promise some allegedly negative recourse will be enforced. The usual tactic here is for a celebrity to promise they will leave the country if an election does not go their way. The fact that Hollywood remains polluted with forlorn Hillary backers shows us how vacant these promises can get. They concocted a new tantrum threat a few months ago, regarding the Supreme Court, and it delivered the same neutered result.


With the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg the left had a collective Gasp. Her passing meant President Trump could end up with his third Supreme Court bench appointment, something that induced nightmares in the minds of those overly beholden to the courts. This prospect became so dire that a number of allegedly sane individuals — based on their Twitter azure confirmation — promised to take direct and firm action if Trump went forward with a nomination. Today was promised to be a darkened day.

With the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett I was reminded of a number of elevated minds who declared — who promised — there would be widespread pandemonium as a result if the President dared follow through with his constitutionally-granted duty. The first was Beau Willimon the president of the Writer’s Guild of America – East Coast chapter.

Now, you may be asking, ‘’Why does a writer who heads up a guild of scribes feel like he has the power to shut down the entire country?! Don’t feel alone, there were many with this same question in mind. And that exact same figure never received an answer to that question. Beau’s timeline has nothing about his promised fracas, but he is beginning the lobbying effort against Lisa Murkowski, the Senator from Alaska. Just a guess, but I will wager his efforts from his Red Hook location in New York will be about as fruitful. If Lisa is shaking at the moment I am certain it is weather-provoked.


Also promising unhinged activity was one of our favorite unhinged souls, Reza Aslan.

Well, they did more than TRY, Rez — she is on the bench. And this has led to…not much. Now since he never actually specified what ‘’this thing’’ actually was, Reza might have an escape hatch here. Maybe what he is burning down is his replica of the White House made out of 3 cases of Jenga blocks. The closest he comes to action is a veiled threat delivered to Dinesh D’Souza. But Reza’s tough talk was still in place.

Great points, except Trump’s approval is now over 50%, Amy Coney Barret has been popular with the public, and polls showed support for her to be appointed. This leads to the question — How is Aslan not going to let go of an issue he never had a firm grasp of to begin with???

Musician Mikel Jollett was also on board with Willimon back in September.


So on board, in fact, that he deleted this tweet. But that has not curtailed his efforts. Maybe he realized at the time there was not a groundswell of activists ready to pick up torches, or maybe they were just busy hauling down statues elsewhere. Or, possibly, Mikel learned that the majority of the country not only approved ACB, but also supported her being appointed in expeditious fashion. Well he has since moved on, now attempting to provoke a worker’s strike in the wake of the election. Wonder if we will even notice in this time of government shutdowns, but good luck anyway.

There have been others as well, like a Canadian professor who wanted to burn Congress down — from another country. 

Then there was this Hollywood writer-producer.

Based on his lack of skill in inspiring riots, maybe he should have kept focus on trying to inspire a few dozen people to sit in on the Chelsea Handler program. 


This is the usual cycle from these celebs. They constantly prove how little value their words have yet expect us to pay attention. I’ll make change and resort to pointing, and laughing.


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