As He Votes In Person Democrats Seem Unbothered that Joe Biden Consistently Contradicts the Party Platform


Not a problem of a moving target, Democrats are basically shooting at anything hoping to hit something.

Joe Biden is on an impressive streak at the moment, beyond the fact that he has slipped the confines of his basement bunker and ventured out in public in Silver Alert fashion. For the third week in a row Joe has managed to take a policy position that sounds stern and official, yet it manages to be 180 degrees in opposition to the Democratic Party’s established platform.


Yesterday Joe participated in early voting in his home state of Delaware. He and his wife Jill visited a local precinct and it served as a nice photo op for the campaign. CNN’s Sarah Mucha was rather giddy about the moment, even commenting on the stylish boots worn by Jill Biden for the visit.

Sarah was even providing shopping options for viewers and she was so focused on the fashion statement she seemed too preoccupied to make mention of a significant detail regarding this visit to the polling precinct — the visit itself. Joe and Jill showing up in person to vote flies directly against the months spent by Democrats declaring this practice is far too dangerous for anyone to engage in, during the command that mail-in voting is a required variable this election.

That Joe, who the campaign loves to have remaining ensconced in his home, did not make a video filling out a ballot from the safety of his coffee table, but went physically to cast a vote, completely dismantles the entire Democrat mail-in-vote narrative. If the 77 year old in the Covid prime risk category can safely vote this is no longer an issue. The Trump campaign should be pushing this video on a regular loop now, but the amusement is this is hardly the first time Joe has managed to contradict his party’s very agenda in stark fashion.


Biden has managed to go beyond the usual political trap of flip-flopping on issues, though the campaign has plenty of this on display as well. Just since the moment he accepted the nomination at the Democrat party convention Biden has managed to stake out ground on issues that stand in opposition to the party, and few in the press have been willing to even note the contradictions.

Just days after the convention Kamala Harris and her running mate sat down with Robin Roberts for an interview and they declared how they were in favor of boosting police spending and that it was in fact the Trump administration who have been defunding the police. This was not only a bastardization of the facts but it was in direct opposition to the months of calls by Democrat sympathizers to have money stripped away from police departments. Now the campaign was saying the polar opposite

The next contradiction came when Joe was in Pennsylvania and attempting to lure voters in a crucial state. He was touting how excited he was about fracking, an important issue in the energy-rich state, but the proclamation was met with more questions than applause. Joe was trying to sell an enthusiasm for a practice he has been rather enthusiastic about opposing, and not in some distant past during his five decades in politics; Joe said he would make sure it is ‘’eliminated’’ during the Democrat debates. Now he claims an exuberance for fracking, something that defies the anti-energy Green New Deal-loving party players.


This is an unravelling we are witnessing with the Democrats. Look at the desperate fashion the party and the media have completely shifted opinion on the months of riots, looking cynical after cheerleading the upheaval when it arose. Fewer bought into the change of heart than hoped for, and here now is another issue — mail in voting — that is being exposed as little more than a political gambit instead of a call for public safety.

The Democrats are having real trouble getting their messages out as sincere policy, made all the more worse when their own candidate is repeatedly showing he does not even take those issues seriously. How are voters supposed to believe there is a grave need for mail-in voting when Joe Biden does not even believe it himself?



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