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Gathering the off-kilter items from the news cycle across Townhall properties.

Looking across the sites from the Townhall landscape there is plenty of head-scratching to be had, so here in easily digestible capsule form are some of the items to pour forth from the feverish minds of the press, the left, the entertainment, and the political spectrums. Not surprisingly this one will be DNC-heavy, as it just could not be avoided with all of the shenanigans they offered up. As always, govern yourselves accordingly.



Kasich Mails It In

One of the more amusing details before the convention was not only were the Democrats bringing John Kasich on to speak, but they were granting him more airtime than party superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. John was explaining how the country is at a crossroads today, so to hammer his point home John gave his speech by literally standing at a crossroad. His milquetoast delivery did little to erase the impression of a politician who was actually abandoned by the side of the road.


Ocasio-Cortez Confuses Followers…Again

As for Alex From The Bronx, she baffled many in her 90 second delivery as she came forward to declare she was seconding the nomination of Bernie Sanders. While it was a formality of procedure, the result of Sanders receiving enough delegates to be included in the party vote, many were confused to see her support go elsewhere than to Biden. It was a misfire on the part of the Democrats, looking to cement the import of Biden but having their most digitally recognizeable politician supporting someone else. Many in the press mischaracterized what transpired, and this upset Alex.  She actually got a taste of what it feels like to be a conservative and become misportrayed in the media.



When You Lose The Zoom Vote…

There was an oddly revealing issue displayed following the speeches by both Kamala Harris and her running mate Joseph Biden. After they ech spoke they were directed to turn towards a large video screen displaying a collage of voters who logged in from home in order to clap and wave to the candidates. Kamala’s screen of 30 voters had a revealing detail – a number of the supporters were duplicated in order to fill up the screen. Thursday was made worse, when Biden turned to face about half as many video slots and even those could not be completely filled in. Being incapable of even finding 16 people to enthusiastically sit in front of a computer for 15 minutes is hardly a display of Joe-mentum.


The Giddy Press Stampede That Is Not At All Embarrassing

Following Biden’s speech the Democrats followed their strategy of not having their candidate face unscripted questions from the media. To celebrate Kamala & Joe’s coronation the DNC put on a lengthy fireworks show outside the arena. Campaign officials distracted the press away from their presidential candidate by imploring the unbiased journalists to hurry up and get outside to see the pyrotechnics. The ensuing mad dash is as humiliating for the press corps as it is hilarious to behold.


We Can Call Trump Corn-Popup Now

In a cagey bit of political gamesmanship doubling as a nice troll job, the Trump campaign made a targeted ad buy with the Washington Post during the Democrat convention. Anyone clicking on stories from the night were greeted by a screen filled with pro-Trump banner ads on the news page. A number of leftists and journalists (redundancy unavoidable) were triggered by this action, even though it was an example of Trump lending support to the press.



The Expected Convention Bump Was Unexpected

The four day Democrat party telethon-level quality and the numerous unintentionally laughable moments led to a lower-than-expected ratings return. The curiosity would be just how impacted the normally bump in the polls would be as a result of the dystopian display. Well, following the Kamala-Biden coming out party there was a noticeable rise in the poll numbers — for President Trump. Uh Oh.


How To Vote For A Predator

Apart from the convention there was other curious Democrat party news. In Kansas an upstart young man decided to run for his state house of representatives. A plucky door-knocking campaign in a lightly voted district led to him upsetting a multi-term incumbent for the seat. The newcomer was so lightly regarded that few even bothered to do cursory background checks, and as a result the Dems have placed a known predator with a revenge-porn past in the State House.


Badweek Tires

One day — we are convinced that one day — we will see an end to companies who foolishly wade out into the Get Woke waters. The latest mushroom cloud resulting from corporate wokeness was seen with Goodyear Tires. A company sensitivity training seminar for employees was exposed as segregating what political topics were tolerated in the company. Political expressions like MAGA hats were listed as being zero-tolerated, but there was a revealing dichotomy. As the company was permissive towards Black Lives Matter it would not tolerate workers showing support for Blue Lives Matter. The idiocy deepened when it was exposed that the company actually promotes the way their tires are almost exclusively used by the police departments across the country they were currently showing as being unacceptable. When companies realize how much easier it is to do nothing as far as activism they will be better off.



Protests For Thee But Not Thy Neighborhood

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is not renown for her political savvy, as she has repeatedly displayed conflicting dictates for her city. One is taking place as they are struggling where to place police during protests and how much to engage, with deference paid to Black Lives Matter. Except – not entire deference. The protestors are forbidden from gathering outside Lightfoot’s home; in fact her entire subdivision is off limits. Her neighbors are bothered with needing to show ID at blockade checkpoints in order to reach their homes, and she uses uniformed police as her personal home security, all while her city is damaged by those insisting on defunding the police. 


This Qualifies As A Disturbance In The Force

Actor Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker, has long been an imbalance leftist. His social media feed is usually occupied with imbalance political rancor, and his support for the Democrat nominee is no less unhinged. How else do you describe the fact he thought this was a clever and not at all embarrassing display of his support for Kamala’s running mate.


Cringe indeed.


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