Things are Just Fine On the Left - Soledad O’Brien Launches at Publisher of The Bulwark for...Praising Joe Biden?!

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(Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP, File)


This is not a good sign of things working out for the Democrats.

Not twelve hours after Joe Biden’s momentous and historical nomination (based entirely on the post-speech fireworks display) there appears to be discord from the biggest demographic within the Democratic party — the press. It is almost as if the glowing words and fawning praise from the journalists this week was not a genuine representation of how things are going. This morning a curious exchange was seen on social media that raises plenty of questions.


It began with the publisher of the Never-Trump news organ and home of the only ‘’true’’ conservatism The Bulwark, Sarah Longwell, delivering praise to Joe Biden. (Yes, I am as shocked by this as you. And yes, that means not shocked at all.) Longwell’s assessment of Biden’s deeply boring acceptance speech last night was expectantly supportive, and you knew there had to be a juxtaposition with the president.

Yes it is as eye-rolling as one might expect from that crew, very much on-brand. But then something curious happened in the digital press lockerroom. Longwell’s positive review actually raised the ire of fellow journalist and frequent social harpy, Soledad O’Brien. The rationale behind it is not clear, but then – speaking of being on-brand – this is O’brien I refer to, after all.


How she arrived at this is a mystery, why she felt the need to inject race when it was never alluded to is evidence of the leftist default thinking, and the need for Soledad to get this level of anger towards someone who was showing support for the candidate she supports makes zero sense. But it does reveal quite a bit about the realities on the left. 

These Never-Trump types have fully immersed themselves on the left. There is no longer any pretense. Note here, as Longwell makes the valid points on her original comment, she also references ‘’conservatives’’ in the third-person context. May as well go ahead and say, ‘’those people’’. But that in itself is fine; if she, Bill Kristol, and their acolytes want to frolic with the hyper-leftist sect that is their option. 

But they should realize that the left is never going to embrace them. For now, they are useful simps, but after the election — likely no matter who wins — the Democrats and leftists will have no use for these turncoats. O’Brien’s lashing out is an example of this. If you are not a fully immersed minion there is little value seen. 

The other aspect is there was no need for this level of vitriol from O’Brien; in truth, there was no level amount needed at all. Longwell was praising Biden, and while desperate in her attempt at showing those on the right that Biden is a more conservative option, her attempt was to help the man’s cause. There was no need at all for a rebuke.


What is more revealing here is the timing. This type of reactionary anger from a journalist is revealing enough that not everything is as beatific and sunny over on the left. For this to erupt the day after Biden’s official coronation is a sign there is disruption in their environment. You would expect a giddy time of harmonic glad-handing going on, at least through the weekend. Less than 12 hours since the metaphorical doves were released however, and distemper seems the rule of the day for some in the know.

They can put on a stage show and hope the lighting and props are a sound distraction, but we can hear the bickering taking place backstage.


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