There Were Questions Surrounding the Michelle Obama Convention Speech and the Answer Reveals Much

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If the most anticipated speaker of the night cares this little…

As anyone who paid the barest of attention to last night’s DNC Convention extravaganza you know that Michelle Obama spoke in a segment. The press has been largely in unison with their enthusiastic praise, despite some very obvious flaws in her logic. The woman known for claiming her party is one where ‘’We go high’’ was more than willing to get into the gutter to trash the president. 


Looking past the tone and the gaslighting however there were some other details of note. For one, the former First Lady never mentioned Kamala Harris. Considering how much media hysteria was declaring this to be a ‘’historical’’ selection you would expect some fanfare from the Democrats’ fan favorite. But nothing. 

Never mind, this was an amazing speech by a woman who cares deeply about this country, her party, and Joe Biden, correct?

As it turns out, yes, there was a reason. Because Michelle did not want to. She barely could be bothered to deliver this historical, nation-shifting speech, in fact. We know this because CNN’s Jake Tapper explained the reason for the lack of acknowledgement.

Wait, what ?!?! For a virtual convention, with no travel and no significant time impact, Michelle Obama made a pre-taped appearance. Okay, even allowing for a nightly schedule conflict, Kamala Harris was announced one week ago. This means that Michelle cut her segment at the latest some time last weekend.

In fact, we can likely pinpoint the approximate time of her recording based on another fractured factoid.


So she recorded her segment about 20,000 deaths ago. This is a remarkable lack of interest placed on the Dem’s convention by Mrs. Obama. She was not available at all this week, and she could not find time after the announcement to record her 10 minute piece. She almost quite literally phoned it in.

Here is what is most revealing. Her own words on the import and gravity of this coming election were echoed by most of the speakers throughout the night, except for such a momentous election she could only manage a toss-off recording made well over a week ago. This shows that most Americans should take the Joe Biden candidacy as seriously as herself. Which appears to be, not at all important.


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