Joe Biden Finally Grants an Interview...With Singer Cardi B Which Was Nonsensical and Also Made Sense for the Campaign

Elle Magazine
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Joe Biden speaks with rapper Cardi B for Elle Magazine


While sounding unintelligible, rambling, and completely lost at times, the Candidate did not sound any better.


The evidence is apparently in that Joe Biden is not capable of conducting anything approaching a conventional conversation. After months of using the quarantine as a justification of hiding in his basement with only brief and controlled interviews it has become only more apparent that the man is suffering from diminished faculties the more his handlers try to hide it. 

After making the big announcement of Kamala Harris being chosen as his running mate it has been nearly laughable how the duo have been avoiding press interviews. Then, with tonight serving as the opening of the Democratic party convention, neither Joe nor Kamala made any appearances on the Sunday political talk circuit. Considering how sympathetic the press has been, and how ecstatic the unbiased and neutral journalists have been over Kamala, that itself says everything.

But it seems that Biden has not avoided EVERY interview request. When it comes to discussing the arcane details of campaign issues and unraveling the intricacies of policy details he is willing to sit down with political mastermind and occasional rap artist, Cardi B for Elle Magazine. I believe there is only one way to have your campaign be taken more seriously than this — speak to anyone else.


But…the people handling the Politician Formerly Known As Cognizant decided this was a wise way to present the man just prior to a national convention. If you had any misgivings about how this interview would transpire, or possibly how ridiculous the conversation might turn out you did not have to explore much at all. It took all of the opening question to display things perfectly.

CARDI B: Oh, snap. Is this real? Hi, Biden, how are you?

And off we go. The next step in the presidential interview involved Biden asking Cardi questions — because that is how politics works. The singer prattled off a list of things she wants to see.

But first, I just want Trump out. And also what I want is free Medicare. It’s important to have free [healthcare] because look what is happening right now. Of course, I think we need free college. And I want Black people to stop getting killed and no justice for it.

Sure, just have everything be free, and fix all social problems. The most amazing thing is that no politician ever thought of this before! This is what an elevated political mind looks like. Just to give you a sense that the publication also is in possession of trenchant societal foundations, they decided to post a tweet from Cardi B, to display her political bona fides. It did not occur to anyone on the editorial staff that displaying her struggle with the word ‘’towards’’ somewhat undercuts the rationale to have her entering the political debate.


CARDI B:  One day he’s telling them this is nothing, that people need to stop getting tested. Next thing you know, [he has] a mask [on his] face. [He’s] really playing games.

This would have been a great moment to point out how Biden himself has been unclear, vacillating on the issue of masks and then alongside Kamala declaring a need for a nationwide mandate. It is enough to confuse the folks at Politico on where he stands on the issue.

Amusingly, when they got into the subject of race, Biden gave some anecdotes about the Civil Rights Movement. He invoked ”Bull Connor and his dogs’’, and then declared after people saw that display, ”All of a sudden, as Dr. King said, we had the second emancipation. There was the Civil Rights Act. There was the Voting Rights Act.’’ Er…Joe, you just named a hateful Democratic Party politician, and how it led to laws that were written based on GOP bills. The Trump campaign thanks you for this in-kind donation.

Cardi B continued with her disconnected thoughts as well. She stated, ”We’re not asking for sympathy, we’re not asking for charity’’ — following her calls for free healthcare and free college tuition. Then Joe chimed in with another nugget. ”I’m so optimistic is because of your generation. You’re the smartest, the best educated, the least prejudiced, and the most engaged generation in history.’’ I mean, was he even listening to Cardi B? After all the head-shaking things she has said, he still made this comment ‘’tours’’ the end of their discussion.


Just to wrap up, the singer came so close to the truth of a matter, except there is a built-in inability on both their parts.

CARDI B :  But what a lot of people are concerned about is, if the government gives us [these things], are they going to raise our taxes? Because clearly nobody wants to pay so much in taxes. Sometimes, when my taxes come in, I’m like, “Oh my gosh, I’m depressed, oh Lord.’’

She wants all the free stuff and does not want to pay for it. Joe, of course reflexively fell back on the canard of corporations not paying their share of taxes. This is his ”practical’’ method of promising all the stuff. It is now when you understand that it is a 1% entertainer speaking to a Democrat on the subject of taxes, so that this is not a linguistic sculpture being created, but untalented minds punching clay.

I could be dismissive and suggest that Cardi B speaking on any subject becomes a testimonial to promote sending people to school. But I will say, as I massage the headache away as a result of listening to this discussion, I believe I now understand why Biden was permitted to have this interview. With everyone concerned over his mental faculties, it was good optics to have him speak with Cardi B — he was bound to come off looking competent by comparison.



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