Lincoln Project Firebrand Rick Wilson Celebrates a Tulsi Gabbard ‘Loss’ in an Election Where She Was Not on the Ballot

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Rick Wilson

As usual, Rick does not need to be ‘’accurate’’ when he is being smugly correct.

It has been a rough couple of weeks for Rick Wilson, the allegedly former GOP operative who is a vocal and vociferous member of the anti-Trump PAC, The Lincoln Project. Of late, Wilson has become a rather reactionary sort, behaving like someone exposed and then lashing out loudly to maintain his standing. His behavior on social media has not been the display of someone operating from the stance of confidence.


His latest was in response to an election result from yesterday. The Associated Press declared the winner of an election yesterday, as Kaiali’i Kahele won the Democratic nomination for U.S. House in Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district. Wilson saw this return and he turned jubilant.

Yes, very big news, according to Wilson. Except — his timing here is more than a little bit curious. I mean, it is one thing for him to exhibit this kind of excitement at the supposed political demise of a Congress member he is displeased with, but one point of curiosity; Tulsi was not on the ballot yesterday.

Gabbard, as many know — except for Wilson, the self-described political consultant — had been a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States. As she had entered the race Gabbard has declared she would not be seeking her reelection in the Hawaiian district she had been representing. So, for Wilson to crow about Gabbard’s departure as a result of the election yesterday is beyond curious.


Yes, he can be happy over her ‘’official’’ departure, we suppose, but if he was to be this excited you might have expected to see this response from him back when Gabbard made the announcement she was not going to be in the running yesterday — back in October of 2019.

What we see taking place here is basically Wilson spiking a football in the parking lot, hours after the game has already concluded. This is the type of vaunted political thinking we have come to expect from the Lincoln Project wizards.


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