Democrats and the Press Obsess over Conspiracy Trump Will Not Vacate White House

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For a crowd that normally decries conspiracies and gaslighting they sure LOVE this tinfoil hat theory.


When Cenk Uygur came out with his wild declaration recently it was the kind of thing to induce the reflexive eye-roll. He sent out a tweet where he encouraged his followers to sign a petition where they would pledge to help forcibly evict former President Trump from office on January 21, 2021.

Even by conspiracy theory standards this is a layered level of paranoia. His scenario can only play out IF Trump loses the election, and IF he then refuses to vacate the West Wing, AND THEN IF the military refuses to do the job. It is an easily dismissed batch of hysterics, but then the very next day the Washington Post came out with an article that deeply explored this very same crackpot theory. The script was obviously sent out – go repeat this to the masses to gin up more resentment.

This delusional theory of President Trump chaining himself to the Resolute Desk is one that continues to percolate on the left, and it is not just nameless trolls on Reddit forwarding this to have fun. It continuously resurfaces in the press, as if a legitimate concern, and lately it is enthusiastically being repeated by Democrat politicians. Joe Biden mentioned he will use the military to remove Trump in required, and Nancy Pelosi induced cheers from her sycophants when she commented on Morning Joe that, if Trump refuses to leave, she’ll have the White House ”fumigated’’. 



What is consistent in all of this is that this is all smoke being generated with no heat. There is no basis behind this mad insistence on the scenario playing out, and if you look into the cause of it all the best explanation anyone can give is that Trump has never denied it when questioned. In his recent interview with Chris Wallace the President was non-committal when asked if he would accept the results of the election. “I have to see,” Trump said. “No, I’m not going to just say yes. I’m not going to say no.”

This non-answer hardly stands up as proof, and it falls very short of the echoed claim that Trump will refuse to leave the White House grounds. The irony, as many know, is this line of questioning matches that he faced ahead of the 2016 election, and then we promptly watched as Hilary Clinton refused to accept the results. In the wake of that result we have watched for four years as Democrats and the press have refused to accept Trump as the rightful winner of that election. From Russia collusion to calling to dissolve the Electoral College, the Democrats have consistently worked to delegitimize Trump’s election.

Part of this nutbaggery is gamesmanship. The push is one where the assumption is that Biden is already to be declared the winner. By assuming a Biden victory as a foregone conclusion they are straining to make it out to be the only logical vote for citizens to make. Another part is Trump has been questioning the legitimacy of mail-in voting, and this is held as a reason he will remain steadfast in the Oval Office.


In the Washington Post piece they declared boldly Trump’s claims of fraud being very real are baseless and not rooted on facts. Ironic that, given this is about a rootless claim of a presidential squatter in the White House. In this same piece there was no challenge at all offered to Biden’s quote that, ”This President is going to try to steal this election.’’ Therefore, if he wins it is de facto theft of office. 

This of course only means the end result of the election will be a contested mess — regardless the outcome. Imagine we end up with mail-in voting and Trump is reelected. Biden, the Democrats, and the press can contest that result in similar fashion as they have with 2016, and this time they can point to Trump’s own words saying the balloting was fraudulent. Fantastic.

It is very safe to make one assumption about the coming election — long after the polls close we are going to be dealing with the fallout, no matter the result.


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