UPDATE: Canada Did Not Ban a Coffee Company Under Its New Gun Law

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Maybe the high-caffeine levels can be considered an ”Assault Latte’’.

Update: We have changed the copy to clarify that it was Black Rifle Coffee making the claim they were banned. It appears that a discontinued gun model with the same name was what had been actually included in the banned listing.


Following a mass shooting in Canada on April 18 our neighbors to the north saw the expected lurch by politicians to enforce tougher gun laws. Prime minister Justin Trudeau moved swiftly, banning outright ”military-style assault’’ weapons, but he may not be finished. Trudeau is also considering gun confiscation, and even going so far as to ban handguns as well.

As the ban was put in place the government of Canada issued a list of companies and businesses which would come under its new draconian law. It is not an exaggeration to say that not only is the new ban sweeping, but it was also done with very little in the form of applied knowledge. We here in the States are used to gun-nabbing activists and politicians who display a stark lack of expertise on the subject of which they lecture. Canada has shown they are guilty of the same ignorance.

As the politicians drew up the list of companies to be targeted by the new ban they possibly added in any and all companies that could be connected to the weapons ban. It might appear they selected any company with a scary-sounding name. We suspect this because, to their surprise, the people at Black Rifle Coffee Company have made the statement that they were included on the banned list in Canada.


The list of banned enterprises is an exhaustive one, and it is an inept one at the same time. While the coffee company declaration is probably made in humor one serious joke was seen that making the list of the weapons ban was a toy. At least one airsoft gun has been found to have been added to the banned ”weapons’’ list.


So yes, we can see all the evidence that this move of government scolds is being done by the smartest people in the room.

But we here at RedState are all about solutions. I am thinking there could be a way for the coffee makers to get back on the government’s good side.

Maybe if the company renamed itself ”Blackface Rifle Coffee’’ Justin Trudeau will be more forgiving…?


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