Great Britain Learns its Virus Tests Have Been Tainted with Covid-19

(Peter Schneider/Keystone FILE via AP)

FILE – In this file photo dated Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014, a virologist works inside the Spiez Laboratory that conducts chemical weapons tests in Spiez, Switzerland. Dutch authorities arrested and expelled two suspected Russian spies some months ago, for allegedly trying to hack the Spiez Laboratory, Switzerland’s government confirmed Friday Sept. 14, 2018, as it summoned the Russian ambassador to protest an “attempted attack.” (Peter Schneider/Keystone FILE via AP)



Not only has the testing been waylaid but there is no way of knowing how this occurred.

One of the constants in this era of viral discord the planet is going through the constant paradox of either blaming the government for the condition or then demanding the government do more for the cause. In Great Britain, where the reliance of public health facilities is rather high, they have been struggling to get their testing program for the coronavirus up to needed levels. That has just been made more difficult.

With the arrival of shipments of new tests for the virus it has been reported that a large amount of those tests will have to be scrapped because they have been discovered to be contaminated. Traces of the Covid-19 virus have been discovered on components of many of these new tests and as a result they have to be destroyed entirely.

Britain’s testing capacity is already being criticized for lagging behind that found in other developed nations, and this blow extends those worries. One firm out of Luxembourg, that was supplying the tests to England, announced that a large amount of the tests to be delivered had to be delayed because of the contamination. It is not clear yet how this contamination came to be.

Eurofins, which is based in Luxembourg, admitted there had been “an issue” but said other private providers had suffered the same problem. It’s unclear how the components were contaminated and senior health sources told the newspaper that the delay wouldn’t significantly impact the UK’s testing programme.
British officials, of course, say that this setback will not significantly impact its testing program. But really, what else could they say? This was a problem beyond their control, but it still looms as a problem to contend with on their shores. This issue follows others that have been reported in other nations of receiving test kits, or other medical supplies from China, which were deemed unusable and essentially worthless in battling the scourge.


Considering some of these disastrous results it makes some of the pettiness and carping seen from our media look even more ridiculous.


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