CPAC - James O’Keefe and Project Veritas Manage to Get Journalists to Change Their Minds About Whistleblowers

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)


Citizen journalists doing hard reporting to get the facts about corporate cover-ups – no wonder the press hates him.


It was the kind of scene that seemed right for CPAC. A group of media workers, huddled around a firepit outside an Irish bar, spending the last night of the convention together. We ruefully faced waning moments together by energetically imbibing and laughing in the frigid air. Country music from the nearby Barbeque joint battled with the angry Irish singer inside the pub, and then another sound joined the festive cacophony.

A video billboard truck lurched by us, making a regular circuit around the tight streets of the National Harbor area beside the convention center. The bright display was for Project Veritas, a video loop showing some of the highlights from the group’s media assault from the past year. We really could not hear the feed with the combating music, but I recognized the imagery from James O’Keefe’s speech that afternoon.

O’Keefe gave a well-measured speech what could arguably be described as a highlights video. His Project Veritas had a huge year. He shot the video of Bernie Sanders supporters declaring when he wins people will be sent to gulags. They recently released video of ABC newsman David Wright professing his biass, leading to his suspension from the network. They had the bombshell that ABC killed the Jeffery Epstein story. And there was the massively revealing CNN insider video that showed top executives of the network on camera admitting to fixing the news.

The video came from a man named Cary Poarch, and O’Keefe began with some surprising video. He showed that after putting out a public call for insiders who were willing to come forward Poarch had approached him at the 2019 CPAC conference, speaking for the first time at the Project Veritas booth. That led to some amazing evidence being captured, including CNN President Jeffery Zucker admitting he wants the network to lean heavily on impeachment coverage and not to be objective.


Poarch was brought out following the video presentation and spoke of the need for whistleblowers and put a call out for others to approach them for help in obtaining more footage similar to what was shown. And what would you know, some in the press suddenly oppose this practice.

It would appear that the sainted status of a whistleblower is a very fluid concept, based entirely on your opinion of the exposed entity. Yet we have been told the journalists in the country operate on the facts, and not on bias or opinions.

Unless they are secretly recorded, it seems.


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