Bernie Sanders Upsets the Most Powerful Union in Nevada - UPDATE: Biden Will Not Benefit, Labor Group Rescinds Endorsing Any Candidate

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Democrat meltdown continues as the party cannot even count on labor support now.

With the Democratic presidential campaign in utter disarray due to actions of its own making, the hopefuls are looking next to the Nevada Caucus, but there appears only dwindling hope in that state. That caucus is supposed to be using the maligned phone app that went into meltdown in Iowa, leading to a still unclear result in that state. Now the candidates themselves are running into issues in the Nevada desert.


Democrats have a few cast-in-stone support groups on their side, and labor unions are part of that. Next you have Bernie Sanders relying heavily on his healthcare-for-all plan as a lynchpin proposal of his campaign. These two reliably liberal factions are colliding, and it is leading to distemper among the Democrats. The Culinary Workers Union of Nevada issued a position paper that outlined the position of the candidates, and it took grave issue with the plans from Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

The union is regarded as the most powerful in the state and its endorsement is coveted, as it is expected to carry significant influence across a sparsely populated electorate. It is also a strong enough union to provide high-level healthcare plans for members, and the concern is that a Bernie Sanders single-payer plan would eliminate the current coverage for its workers and deliver a sub-standard alternative.

This has led to a battle of proposals from the Sanders camp, who have been suggesting the union leadership has been incorrect in its assessment of his plan. It has also led to far harsher responses. The union later made a statement detailing how it has been coming under fire with threats and allegations from Sanders supporters, stating how they have been ‘’viscously attacked’’ by some from this group.

This reality has led to other candidates rubbing their hands and rushing to court the union for its endorsement. Joe Biden, who is close to Sanders in the polls and in need of placing significantly high in upcoming state elections is hoping to get their support. Pete Buttigieg has also come forward, recognizing the opportunity, making it clear that HIS health plan would not endanger what the union has in place for its membership. The fight over the endorsement is sure to occupy the days leading up to the November 22 vote.


It was just announced yesterday afternoon that the Culinary Workers Union has made the decision that it will not be endorsing any of the Democrat candidates for the presidency. While Bernie may have already written off their backing this has to come as a serious blow for Joe Biden. On a conference call with donors, Biden informed them that they could not expect him to earn the endorsement from the union.

Between the ability to anger a union and to have an already scrambled field become more in question only serves to highlight the troubles in the entire Democratic party.


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