CNN Gets Slammed Over Reporting Fake News...Not From Trump but Joe Biden

Is it still egregious to be called out for garbage reporting when it comes from the Dems?

The news network that tries to insist it deals in Facts First continues to contradict its message by its actions. Earlier this afternoon Streiff detailed how there were indicators that the Joe Biden camp was preparing to get a court injunction to block the release of the Caucus results. Any sourcing on this story is originating at CNN.


First David Chalian mentioned the possibility of Joe Biden seeking out a court order to prevent the release of the results until the count can be verified.

This was followed by John King delivering this highly speculative bit of ‘’reporting’’.

In his defense, King does say, ‘’We don’t know that this is true’’, but that is every reason in the world to ease off of the throttle and hold off on reporting or commenting until something verifiable is learned. That used to be a journalistic standard. But now you can just speculate to fill air time, and your theorem gets splashed across social media.

But the Biden campaign has some issues with this story from CNN. They have declared it to be utter garbage.


That is a deeply strident rebuttal to the commentary. There is no equivocation in saying, “That is 100% false’’. But they go further to actually indict the journalistic practice seen on the air at CNN. The phrase ‘’checking with people before reporting rumors about them is an underrated practice,” is pretty damning. That is a direct indictment of the methods witnessed.

Here is the difference; this rebuke was delivered by a Democratic party source. You can easily imagine Donald Trump saying these things. In fact he has. Take these exact words expressed here, place them in the mouth of the president, and it would sound perfectly normal. It would also send CNN in particular, and other journalists in general into fits of outrage.

But this smackdown of false reporting and the direct criticism of how they performed is not generating the same dose of outrage. The Biden campaign is not threatening journalists and the assault on the First Amendment is not being alleged, somehow. A different source on the political spectrum alters the reaction.


The constant in this is CNN acting in its usual lax fashion of journalistic ethics. It is at least refreshing to see a prominent subject on the other side be on the receiving end of its efforts.

Now, to his credit, King did at least send out a Tweet that was a mea culpa, acknowledging that what he did was incorrect. And stupid.

This still stands as the kind of rushed, or undisciplined, news reporting we have come to expect from the network. It is refreshing to see others besides conservatives call them out for the practice.


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