Hillary Clinton Announces a New Documentary About Her, Beyond Asking 'Why' There is Another Interesting Question...

screen cap from trailer, courtesy Hulu
screencap from trailer, courtesy Hulu

We should just face facts; she is NOT going away. Ever…

It seems that Bill Clinton’s wife — it says here, her name appears to be ‘’Hillary’’ — thinks people do not already know about her. As a result she will help the general public out by having a documentary about her life be released on the streaming platform HULU. This sounds like it will do wonders for getting her some name recognition, allowing her to step out from the shadows of the public spotlight and getting the 24/7 fawning media to finally pay attention to her.


What will be interesting is that her story can FINALLY be told, and we can learn something about the mysterious author of 6 autobiographies.


This cipher of the public eye made the announcement today of her revealing documentary. Just try to imagine the clamoring that took place for this to come to fruition. You will have to imagine it, because no one was pushing for this to be made…whose name was not on the promotional poster.

As it turns out, there are some people with a familiarity for this nebulous presence in the domain of the gentry. There were a few opinions on this project following her announcement.

Oh…so this is going to be a dramatic work of fiction?

We see what you did there.

This announcement carries one very strong dose of curiosity, and that is in regard to its choice of platform. While Disney-run HULU is itself not such a strange outlet for her, the question that needs to be asked is how is this NOT being produced on Netflix?


Hillary’s former boss of eight years Barack Obama, and his wife Michelle, entered into a lucrative production agreement with the streaming giant last year. They are already in full swing by releasing titles from their shingle. One documentary from their production — ‘’The Factory’’ — is an Oscar-nominated title for Best Documentary Feature. So how is it that the Obamas, specifically tasked with making socio-political documentaries are not the ones working with Hillary on this project?

Maybe that will be one of the questions answered in this title about the woman so few know anything about…

See the trailer here–


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