Those Brave ‘Firefighters’ -- CNN in Full Meltdown that Senator McSally Dared Call its Reporter a Hack

Those Brave ‘Firefighters’ -- CNN in Full Meltdown that Senator McSally Dared Call its Reporter a Hack

These same people who love to position themselves as the warriors of the nation sure crumble at the delivery of stern words.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the very worst thing that can possibly happen to a contemporary journalist — at least those working for the cable networks — is that someone dares insult their ego. This was a profession that once proudly reported from the frontlines of war, but these days we have seen them wither whenever anyone displays a reaction that falls short of fealty. Jim Acosta has reported on times at Trump rallies where people raised their voices like he was absorbing enemy fire on the streets of Damascus.

Today the CNN network entire has been in full bluster and ‘’how dare you’’ recoil mode — all because a poloitician dared to display contempt on camera for a reporter. This morning CNN minion Manu Raju was in the bowels of the Capitol where he attempted to get comments from GOP politicians about the upcoming impeachment proceedings. Arizona Senator Martha McSally had zero interest in speaking with this vaunted member of the press corps. But as bad of a public offense as that was, she dared make dismissive comments about Raju directly.

Note the undercurrent in his comment, that such an offensive act could in fact carry electoral implications for her in the future. McSally it can be said was not exactly shaken to her timbers with this expose from Raju — she responded by posting a video of their exchange, displaying exactly what he reported.

Beautiful. And, it went out live on the air.

Not long after McSally’s response CNN colleague Josh Rogin weighed, clearly finding offense with a sitting Senator daring to be so rude to a member of the Electronic Media Corps Of Journalistic Engineers.

Raju has his Twitter profile pic changed to one with he and Sen. John McCain, a not-at-all subtle dig at McSally, who was the Senator to fill McCain’s seat following his recent passing. This was a signal throughout the network, apparently. Jake Tapper went on the offensive, running to tattle on McSally to the McCain family, asking for a comment.

Later in the day media Expert At Arms, Brian Stelter announced that CNN’s PR division was issuing a statement condemning Sen. McSally’s comments. No, seriously — they did exactly that.

I mean…where to begin?? How about that this is the network that had the porn lawyer to the porn stars, Michael Avanatti, on air over 100 times in a calendar year, lecturing now on what is ‘’unbecoming’’.

How about this, CNN — Is it considered unbecoming by you that Maanu Raju’s question was essentially a direct talking point of the Democrats this week? Is Josh Rogan at all concerned Raaju’s question was ‘’an insult to the ideals and integrity’’ of journalism, since he clearly ‘’inherited’’ the question directly from the Democrats?

What is most revealing is that this day-long level of scorn was only directed at one party. Think about this reaction; if any politician has this kind of dismissive and rude language directed at the media, surely they would be taken to task in equal fashion, correct? Not really. If it were, say a Democrat, there would possibly be the chance it were excused away. And if it was the Speaker of the House doing so, well…ignoring it outright would be the course of action.

As for McCain and his peaceable relationship with reporters — well, you would expect the journalists over at CNN to be able to track down the truth behind that claim.

Or, why not let the man himself explain his thoughts. Here’s a video of the late Senator McCain, with words just a touch saltier than those from McSally which have an entire network collapsed on a fainting couch.

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