The Donald Trump Edit Out of Canadian Broadcast of ‘Home Alone 2’ is Absolutely a Non-Controversy, so Brian Stelter is Upset

In the apex of self-parody Tater is outraged at a perceived perpetual outrage machine on the right.

As Nick Arama wrote about earlier, the Canadian Broadcasting Company became the focus of curious bemusement when it was discovered that scenes from the holiday movie ‘’Home Alone 2’’ had a scene involving then-citizen Donald Trump edited out of it television broadcast. The network states that the scene in question was trimmed to format the runtime of the film properly for commercial breaks.


Brian Stelter, media analyst for The Apple Network (formerly known as CNN), detailed that the network stated this edit has been in place long before Trump was President. This was enough for Stelter, as it fits in nicely with his desire to make Trump look bad at any and every turn.

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The humor built iintoBrian Stelter being outraged by what he dubs to be partisan oitrage’ is beyond mirthful self-parody. It has become his primary content provider. He studies President Trump’s Twitter feed meticulously in order to tabulate spelling errors. He watches Fox News obsessively to count the airtime dedicated to particular news stories. It was just a few months ago when Brian spent a week in a lather over Trump using a Sharpie on a hurricane map.


Stelter has perfected this practice to such a degree that his weekly media analysis program could easily be renamed Perpetual Outrage Machine.

Our partner site PJ Media dug into some Twitter metrics and found no real social media chatter about Trump’s removal from the film until 2015, when he had already declared his candidacy for the GOP nomination. What is curious about the editing is the scene in question does not exactly fit into the CBC description. Take a quick look

While believable it is also questionable, for a number of reasons. For one, Trump’s appearance comprises all of 8 seconds of runtime — hardly a segment that would dent advertisements for Tim Hortons. Now the argument could be made that the much broader portion of the film was what had been excised from the film to truncate things for time, and Trump’s brief appearance was caught up in the cut.

looked another way though this is an establishing scene, where the lead character of Kevin is entering the centerpiece hotel for the first time and he becomes overtaken with the immensity and the grandeur of the location he had only previously seen featured on game shows. This was Kevin’s introduction to New York, and Trump’s appearance was a nod to the audience of the time of his cultural relevance and how he was emblematic of the city.


Could it be this was all an innocuous move made for broadcast purposes? It is entirely possible. Could it have been a decision motivated by political influences? Also entirely possible. Does Brian Stelter have any standing on the matter of selected outrage? This is not only impossible but his exhibiting any displeasure at all on such a matter in fact all the reason to question the motives behind the decision.


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