Wendy Davis Attempts Her Return in a Curiously Uncomfortable Commercial Spoofing the Reviled Peloton Ad

If she was angling to deliver ‘’misguided’’ as her defining characteristic she nailed it.

Wendy Davis, the pink-soled abortion rights politician from Texas has resurfaced in a bid to return to politics — and relevance. Once dubbed ‘’Abortion Barbie’’ when she was embraced on the national stage by liberals for staging a filibuster in the Texas legislature, Davis has fallen from the spotlight. She now wants to oppose Chip Roy as a representative from the district that involves the Austin area.


She has released a new campaign spot that is a direct lift of the now infamous Peloton commercial.

Just…yikes. I get that candidates hope to tap into the cultural hottub and get their name out in the public discourse via social medial heat, but this is a faceplant of an effort on numerous fronts. The fact that she — and by extension, her handlers — failed to realize that the original commercial was so widely discussed because people were disturbed by what they saw seems lost on them. That the Davis team thought that replicating a commercial that had people recoiling is both a misread and a hilarious result.

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There’s Wendy shooting selfies on her bike, just like the self-involved girl in the original ad. There she is supposedly waking up and instantly talking about herself, like an imbalanced conceited individual. And then she mentions ‘’a year later’’, just like the oppressed gal on the bike. It is a collection of laughable tableaus that displays a politician out of touch.


This is the same Davis who fabricated her history to appear as a self-made single Mom, the same who was hailed by celebrities and the national media as a hero even though her filibuster led to accomplishing nothing. The law she was striving to block was eventually passed with a strong majority of state leaders. She then attempted to run for governor of Texas, running a campaign filled with missteps and embarrassments. In the end she was trounced by Greg Abbott to the tune of 20 percentage points.

Laughably there had been talk at one time of Hollywood making a movie about her life. That — like her political career — has yet to come to fruition.

There is one thing that the new Wendy Davis commercial has portrayed correctly. Showing her on a stationary bike is a perfect metaphor — there is noise and a bunch of activity, and ultimately it leads to going nowhere.


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