Disney Sets an Amazing Box Office Record, and it is Even More Impressive than it Sounds

To say the Mouse House has had an impressive year becomes understatement under further analysis.

Any studio that had released a title as mammoth as ‘Avengers Endgame’’ would consider it annual slate a relatively good one. Marvel’s parent studio Disney has had a 2019 calendar that is beyond impressive. To go along with that historically significant film Disney had a handful of releases that any one of which would make rival studios jealous. This has led the Disney reaching a milestone no other studio has approached.

By summer the reality that Disney would become the leader among the studios in box office performance for the year was already a foregone conclusion. That meant that in July they did not have to release any other titles and the year was theirs. The reality was that the studio still had highly regarded titles set to be released, and this slate of films has delivered a historic landmark.

Currently ‘’Frozen 2’’ is taking in huge receipts, already having drawn more money than the original film had made after 2 months in theaters. In a matter of days the film will have earned over $350 million, which is deeply impressive but made more so that it becomes the sixth Disney release to do so. This avalanche of success means that within this week it will become the first studio ever to earn over $10 billion in worldwide receipts. These are figures difficult to wrap the head around.

What is more staggering is the ancillary metrics to go along with that figure. As ten billion is something no other studio can conjure making Disney has achieved that lofty strata weeks before year’s end. It has not even released its next chapter in the Star Wars franchise, ‘’The Rise of Skywalker’’ (opening December 20). The more amazing detail is that Disney has accomplished this feat while releasing fewer titles than any other studio.

This is not even due to hitting on every single title it released. The live-action remake of ‘’Dumbo’’ came out in Spring and did tepid business, with the Tim Burton effort just barely limping over the $100 million mark. Likewise the sequel to ‘’Maleficent’’ this fall came in well short of the performance of the original film. Still the House of Mouse conquered all. And technically it should considered far greater.

These dizzying numbers do not include the performances of the films that were released under the various 20th Century Fox banners. Disney acquired that studio recently so all of those returns are flowing into the company as well, but have not been calculated under the Disney umbrella. If those are included in the tally then Disney has drawn in over $12 billion by year’s end.

This kind of revenue stream explains how it is the expensive acquisition of Fox, and the subsequent costly rollout of the new Dinsey+ streaming service was able to be undertaken by the studio. This follows the expensive blueprint of purchases of Marvel, and Lucasfilm properties which have led to mounting profits. At this rate within a decade we could see Disney big enough to purchase the naming rights to Hollywood in general.


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