Hillary Carping About Ukraine Meddling for Trump is the Height of Political Audacity After that Nation Aided Her Campaign

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The woman complaining today was a beneficiary of Ukrainian collusion in 2016.

As Bonchie has detailed the Trump/Ukraine hysterics are beginning to unravel like a sweater in a Soviet-bloc department store. Turns out there was no such forcible deal being provoked by the President, and in fact, it looks like a case of sheer desperate distraction by the press/Democrats.


What was initially accused as being a setup to “fix” the upcoming 2020 election by Trump compelling the Ukraine to look into Biden for political oppo-research has instead become an investigation into things involving Rudy Giuliani that transpired regarding the last administration. As a form of distraction the press has been alluding to conspiracies going forward when in fact the issue was about looking backward. And Hillary has tripped over her own tongue.

In what has become standard practice within the media in the Trump era a brash story is announced and many leftist opponents respond with over-the-top outrage. Then, once the actual details of the story become known, it dies a quick but very silent death. (The recent Brett Kavanaugh hysterics were the latest example.) Yet everyone remembers the outrage and that echoes onward. Hillary Clinton was an active participant in this media 2-step hoedown yesterday, and she really should have known better.

Hillary has claimed that what transpired was the Trump administration attempting to leverage the Ukraine authorities into providing dirt on Joe Biden, for the purpose of aiding his reelection efforts next year. Hillary sent out a tweet declaring, “The president asked a foreign power to help him win an election. Again.”


There are two monumental problems with Clinton chirping about this incident.

First, John Solomon last night provided something the press has been steadfast in avoiding — details, and facts. In defiance of the hysterical news reports (many which resorted to qualifying phrases such as “if true”) it turns out that this summer it was the State Department that asked the administration to meet with Ukrainian authorities. The reason? To help the new Ukrainian President develop relations, as they looked into possible issues emanating from the Obama administration. It had nothing to do with the 2020 election, outside of whether results will impact things in the future.

Of course, this will be memory-holed, given that this came out in the document-dump vortex of late Friday and it completely disrupts their anti-Trump narrative. The press will avoid this story like audiences avoid John Travolta films. The second issue with Hillary? It was her, and her campaign, and the DNC that was in coordination with the Ukrainians during the 2016 election.

Recall the name Alexandra Chalupa? She was a Ukranian-American consultant to the DNC. She coordinated with the Democrats and the Ukranian embassy to feed information about Paul Manafort to the media, in the effort to derail the Trump campaign. And, small reminder, this was all inspired by the Steele dossier, created through Fusion GPS at the behest of Hillary’s lawyers, and the DNC.


So for Hillary to now come forward and talk of foreign powers helping campaigns — specifically Ukraine — is as brazen a move as there is. However, once you consider the way the press had completely avoided this aspect of the election, all while screeching how inappropriate Trump’s disproven connection to Russia had been, you can understand her confidence she would not be held accountable for these words either.


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