CNN and Stelter Continue to Create Their Own Storm Damage in Targeting the President

screencap from Reliable Sources

As Hurricane Dorian has moved off and become an inconsequential storm in the North Atlantic over at CNN they continue to make themselves inconsequential in their attempt to brew up a tempest over President Trump’s Sharpie advisory. As most would expect a news organization to focus on the storm’s aftermath, especially the damage inflicted upon The Bahamas (you can help here) CNN continues to rail about a perceived error the President made over one week ago.


The tempest involves the President holding a forecast tracking map of the hurricane while it was in the Caribbean and showing Florida as a likely target for landfall. He then chose to manually extend the cone of probability with a Sharpie to show Alabama could also become impacted. CNN and others in the media pounced, as they say, because supposedly official storm offices and researchers had not gone so far as to include coastal Gulf locations.

Except in a fashion they had. As the President himself noted in a tweet he sent out, CNN weather personalities had themselves mentioned Alabama as a possible location for impact from hurricane activity. This has done nothing to alter Stelter’s track on attempting to impact the president. On Brian’s Sunday program Reliable Sources he was still going after President Trump.

You just have to sit back and marvel at how oblivious Stelter is in this segment. He is declaring that Trump is using his campaign playbook of demonizing his network in order to sway the electorate over to his lies, and then he goes on to state that this is all the justification needed to continue what they have been doing. What he is saying is that because the President has declared CNN/the Press his opponent they now have to attack him even more, justifications for doing so being irrelevant.


And with that as his impetus Stelter continued to harp on the hurricane gaffe, hammering away without a nail. In an attempt to offer conflicting evidence as a way to prove Trump wrong Stelter presented this forecast tracking map from NOAA.

Aha! Alabama is not even included — we nailed him! Uh, yes Brian, if you are going to rely upon selective evidence gathering. Turns out if you follow storms with any type of regularity, as we do here less than 100 miles from the cat-5 landfall, there are numerous measurements and projections with these storms, including wind speed charts. These tend to show areas potentially affected by storm winds, and there was one of these charts made available. It was on the day of President Trump’s Sharpie Scandal. Additionally, it was also offered up by NOAA.


Huh. It seems the weather experts were actually citing Alabama as a potential location for activity. This is an interesting omission by Mr. Stelter in his hyperventilating message on a windstorm. Yet despite scientific data to the contrary, and video evidence of his own network making the exact same claims, Stelter states this map conflagration is deeply important.

This past week wasn’t “Sharpie-gate,” it was “lying about a hurricane-gate.”He wasn’t “doubling down” all week, as many people (myself included) said, he was “digging a deeper hole.” He wasn’t stirring a “controversy,” he was politicizing the weather and providing more evidence of his instability.

Amazing the layers of projection in that quote, with Tater accusing The President of all characteristics he is displaying himself. Stelter has declared this to be the biggest lie the President has told in his term so far. This really places Russian collusion in perspective. And in his zeal to deliver rebukes Stelter also states all of this “was about Trump failing a basic geography test.”

That so, Brian? That’s a curious accusation coming from the same network that delivered this map citing Alabama as “Mississippi’ to viewers, at the same time.





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