In Desperate Spin PolitiFact Disproves Its Own Correction About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Crying Over a Parking Lot

Credit: @TomGrabien
Credit: @TomGrabien

The press continues to attempt to clean things up for the freshman who continues to soil herself.

We have all seen the now humorous shots of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, resplendent in a white outfit, breaking down outside of a migrant holding facility in El Paso, Texas. AOC claimed that she had been witnessing the removal of children from the arms of their parents, and she broke down, sobbing, as the scene played out.

As we just learned PolitiFact attempted to correct the record on what took place one year ago.
The stalwart fact-checking team put out a piece entitled “No, this isn’t a picture of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Crying Over a Parking Lot” the truth-delivery outlet gives their assessment in a banner showing the story to be FALSE. They have dug into the facts and discovered the truth: AOC was in fact crying over an access road.

Seriously. That was the factual detail they culled that deems this claim to be inaccurate.

Anyone cursed with common sense or afflicted with a severe dose of pragmatism would say that this fact check would earn one of the more nuanced assessments from the site. A “Mostly True”, or a mixed result would have at the very least been less egregious. But they went with the bold declaration that the entire story was FALSE. PolitiFact is clearly hoping to put this story to bed for good.

This attempt to sway the minds of the headline readers is not only transparent, but it completely exonerates Ocasio-Cortez. She has been proven to have lied about this episode entirely — and the proof was offered up by PolitiFact itself. Yet they never so much as attempt to cast their floodlight upon AOC. Angie Holan of PolitiFact tried to wriggle out of their self-created Gordian’s Knot when a Twitter member posted another pic showing AOC gazing over the roadway.

The attempt here is to say that she was in fact on the property, in proximity of the facility, and this is enough to validate her claims. Except it does not. AOC made some very pointed claims, and the reality of the situation proves she was fabricating her version — with evidence supplied by PolitiFact. First, take a look at what Ocasio-Cortez declared she had witnessed:

It was the moment I saw with my own eyes that the America I love was becoming a nation that steals refugee children from their parents, & caged them.”

There is no room for nuance here. She is saying she witnessed the kids being removed from parents. She looked upon the very cages inside of which these kids were supposedly imprisoned. She saw this with her own eyes. Now, behold PolitiFact unwittingly proving this claim to be 100% manufactured. The site had pictures to show the facility was in fact off in the distance, and it also spoke with those who were on-site that day. In what the site thinks is their debunking the entire story was this testimonial:

Daniel Borunda, a reporter for the El Paso Times who was at the rally on the same day, told PolitiFact that the tent complex was “visible in the distance several hundred yards away” from the fence.

We were led to believe AOC was sobbing over her witnessing a tragedy. She declared she saw the particular heinous activity – “saw with my own eyes”, was her claim. Now we have a witness, supplied by PolitiFact, who says they were position “several hundred yards” away from the very building wherein these acts supposedly are taking place.

But note PolitiFact is not the least bit curious about this discrepancy. Despite the photographic proof, and ignoring the very testimony itself has provided, PolitiFact declares the claim she was crying over a parking lot to be 100% FALSE. The site that is charged with delegitimizing conservative outlets on social platforms as delivering false information is completely unbothered by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blatantly lying about her account at a controversial location.