Has Actress Ellen Barkin Accidentally Admitted to Complicity of Jeffery Epstein in His Sex-Trafficking Efforts?

In the rush to lay blame at the feet of Donald Trump did this Hollywood TDS sufferer confess to knowing more?

The Jeffery Epstein arrest has sent the social media universe into the kind of frenzy normally reserved for swatted hornets nests. Somehow the case of an alleged billionaire who may have been engaged in underage sex trafficking, which has been in the courts for over a decade, has just now ignited interest.


Much of the speculation revolves around the possibility — and for far too many online, the HOPE — that this will lead to Donald Trump being implicated in the heinousness. This exuberance has been unseemly, as much of it is based on tangential reports and lackluster evidence. In one case a Hollywood luminary has rushed to the front of the accusatory line and may have implicated herself far more in the process.

Actress Ellen Barkin is no fan of President Trump. She has a lengthy history of unhinged bile being leveled at the President, enough to impress the likes of balanced thinkers of all things regarding political nuances like Bette Midler, or Cher. Barkin felt the need to weigh in on the still-developing matter, by linking to a story on the recent arrest of Epstein.

She then followed that up with a very curious comment about the close associate of Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell. She is said to have been the primary pilot who kited in clients allegedly partaking in the criminal behaviors. Barkin declares Maxwell is a sex trafficker, and a “pimp”. The revealing aspect here is why the actress is so confident in her assessment of alleged criminality.


How exactly did Barkin come into this firsthand information from Maxwell? It would seem they had to have been interacting on some level, but to what extent? They clearly were circulating in the same orbit, and this was not hearsay or overhearing. “I know because she told me,” are Barkin’s words.

Now, this type of comment brings up all manner of follow up questions. When did Maxwell make this statement to Barkin? There are no prior mentions of this in Barkin’s twitter feed; this itself proves little, save for the fact that the actress has been tweeting plenty on this subject in the last 24-hour span. If she is so impassioned about the grievous behavior she alleges it seems slightly curious there had been no prior mention.

Has she ever taken this to the authorities? Again, considering all the invective and accusations she is currently leveling, to say that she has long known of this taking place is the real point of interest. And Maxwell’s alleged confession of this to Barkin itself is a cause of concern. Barkin does not state she overheard something — she attests to being told directly. This means there had to be some level of familiarity existing.

Consider the gravity of this type of conversation. A person who is supposedly engaging in this level of disturbing behavior would not be tossing this kind of banter out as cocktail party anecdotes. To be able to offer this type of detail to Barkin would need some level of foundation to have it discussed openly, it stands to reason. How do two people arrive at a point where one of them is comfortable enough to volunteer their complicity in a sex trafficking ring? This is not something you arrive at in casual discussions.


Barkin, based on her own words and accusations, seems to be opening herself up to needing to answer for a number of details relating to her words.

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