The Idiocy of Fighting Against Chicken Nuggets Is a Symptom of the Celebrity Activist Syndrome Afflicting Alyssa Milano



In trying to change the world to her worldview Alyssa Milano becomes one of the better voices for conservative policies.

The term “virtue signaling” is used to describe when an individual or an institution makes a statement or takes a particular stance on an issue for the expressed purpose of framing themselves as a noble and upright member of society. While it appears to be a selfless act, what is truly taking place is posturing — “Look at how great I am, and so much better than you!” is the actual intent.


To this extent, occasional actress Alyssa Milano can be said to be “virtue living”. Her entire existence appears to be little more than working to position herself and posture on behalf of any number of causes, all of which seem to do little more than highlight what a great person SHE is. Alyssa is the embodiment of cause celebre. Her latest agenda item? Lashing out at a fast food giant over their menu selection, as Thomas LaDuke recently covered.

This follows her frequent decisions that lack a true purpose, and almost always lead to a failed result. She has vocally backed a number of Democrat candidates across the country in recent years, and almost every single one has lost their race. At the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, she scored a prime seat behind the justice, in full view of the cameras. Why? Who knows, but she had zero impact on his eventual confirmation. She recently led a petition of dozens of quasi-celebrities to boycott Georgia and threaten to have Hollywood pull its production business from the state over the heartbeat bill. The result – the ink is still wet where governor Kemp signed the bill into law…and Marvel is still producing its comic book films to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per.

Maybe in the face of those blatant and embarrassing losses she has turned her sights on a more benign issue? Her latest began on Twitter where, innocently enough, the burger chain Wendy’s (which has a notably fun social media footprint) made an announcement that the company was contemplating bringing back its specialty item, Spicy Chicken Nuggets.


It was from this innocuous tweet that she has launched into a multi-day screed against the burger outlet. The outrage rests on the fact that Wendy’s is not a member of a coalition of migrant workers, it seems. To this, Milano extrapolated that since the company has not joined a particular group they are, by extension, in support of migrant women being raped in farm fields, or something???

Ignoring the fact that chickens – and by extension, their nugget foodstuff – do not derive from these rape-fields, what you have to look at here is that Milano is calling for a ban against a company that has not done anything objectionable. There is not any action Wendy’s has done to warrant this call for a boycott; the company has simply not joined up with a cause that Milano herself supports.

She wrote a lengthy post on FaceBook, where she makes little sense as she castigates the company for not being part of the Fair Food Program, and demands they bring members of the companies food supply chain to join in as well. Since the company has not yet done so, they are somehow culpable, it seems.


This is about sexual violence against women in the workplace, the only program proven to end that violence in the US agricultural industry, and your refusal to join that program, plain and simple.

“If you don’t join our group you are pro-rape,” is a rather sophomoric argument to make. Yet, this seems to be the only style of argument Alyssa is capable of making; rash, ill-thought, and factually challenged. The actress seems to operate from the belief that her outrage is sufficient to take to the public forum. And she also seems to resent when anyone else gets in on the political PR racket.

As detailed last week, fellow thespian Patricia Arquette was before Congress to testify on behalf of pushing the Equal Rights Amendment. Alyssa could not let another celebrity glom all of the headlines and, as a result, she felt compelled to release her own video, providing commentary that was just as Constitutionally ignorant as Arquette’s testimony. Milano rested on the brain-dead theory that women were intentionally excluded from being mentioned in the founding document — ignoring the fact that “men” are also never mentioned in the content.

I don’t have equal rights under the Constitution,” claimed the actress, never once indicating which particular rights she is denied currently. She then managed to disprove her own claim in her very next sentence. “It is time for the constitution to reflect the powerful principles of its first three words: We the People’.” The only way for Milano to make any sense here is by her declaring that somehow women are not to be included in the various mentions of “People” within the Constitution.


These celebrity activists have become one of the better tools for winning arguments and progressing conservative ideals in our culture. To a lesser extent, if recent evidence serves as any indication, Wendy’s has little to worry about concerning Milano’s call for a boycott of its stores. In truth, if her track record is any sort of indicator, they may enjoy record sales of their spicy chicken nuggets when they are returned to the menu.


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