With a Massive Runtime Now You Can Schedule Your Avengers: Endgame Bathroom Break!

Fear Not! You won’t miss a crucial battle with this bathroom exit strategy!

With all of the movie world focused on the latest, and largest, comic book release from Marvel all attention is in one direction this weekend. With so much at stake on-screen fans will not want to miss a single vital moment. But what to do if – horrors! – your bladder is not up to the heroic task of dealing with the villainous incursion of a 64 oz. souvenir soda?! Relax true believers, because RunPee is just the cinematic sidekick to guide you to when the best bathroom break will be.

Serving as the culmination of the current storyline phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (dubbed The Infinity Saga) today’s release of “Avengers: Endgame” promises to be immense on many levels. It is the most expanded storyline, and it is expected to set numerous box office records this weekend. It has already set the record for preview screenings, drawing $60 million last night in limited engagements.

The film is also being released on an all-time record amount of screens — 4,662. Many of the theater chains will be showing the epic on multiple screens. Part of the reasoning behind such a saturation in the marketplace is to compensate for the fact that the film clocks in at nearly three hours. The main film has a run time of 2:48:56, with the additional character farewell credits stretching things to 2:53:17, and then the full run of all the technical credits (and any post-credits scenes) culminating at 3:00:57.

Considering this run time, and then post projection theater cleanup, you are looking at theaters being occupied for double the average amount for an average studio release. The extra screens are therefore needed to not only meet the demand of the fans more to mitigate the viewing time per purchased ticket. As for the fans with a need to decamp to their porcelain lair during the film the RunPee app is just the antidote.

The RunPee app and website are here to ensure you will not be left out of any crucial moments. The app will calculate the best moment plot-wise for you to dart from the shadows, alerting to when there is a lull in the narrative and the action. More than that, it will also provide a brief, spoiler-free synopsis of what you missed during your micturating sojourn.

So relax fans and fanboys, and buy that massive character emblazoned soft drink container that is large enough to have an undertow. If your kidneys are not up to the challenge RunPee has your six during the “Endgame”!