Stacey Abrams Claim of Voter Fraud Gets Blown Apart -- by Stacey Abrams


Stacey Abrams interview with Joy Reid has the petulant losing candidate disproving her own accusations of fraud.

Georgia Democrat contender for the governorship, Stacey Abrams, has been a perpetual source of whiny outrage. Even before the November election results came in her campaign had waged a disinformation campaign, setting up the possibility of a controversial result against her opponent, Brian Kemp. The main issue is that Kemp was the Secretary of State, and thus Abrams had her built-in controversy; the man running for office was overseeing his own election!


But many of Abrams’ claims are not substantiated by facts, and beyond that — she just contradicted her primary claim of proof there had been voter suppression in Georgia. There have been a number of claims made by the losing candidate, the primary being that widespread voter suppression amongst minorities took place in her election. Yet, when Abrams recently sat with MSNBC hostess Joy Reid she told a differing version of events.

I ran a race where we tripled Latino, Asian-Pacific Islander turnout, increased youth participation by 139%, increased black turnout by 40%… the highest share of white voters in a generation… Winning… is about building the largest coalition possible.

Um, this really sounds like the opposite of minority votes being suppressed. One of two things seems to be in play here. Either she wants to say that there was just enough suppression in the record turnouts (which is unclear how she measured such a tally), or those minorities that turned out did not vote “properly”, that is too many of them voted for Kemp. But nonetheless we still have Abrams jumping before any willing camera in an unfocused fog to claim that BOTH occurred; minorities had their votes suppressed, AND she inspired a record amount of minorities to vote.


Recall it was just recently, in the fall of 2016, when the de facto leader of the Democratic party Hillary Clinton commanded how important it was for a candidate to honor election results, for the integrity of our democracy. That noble statement, of course, evaporated the moment Clinton realized she had not won her bid for the Presidency. Now challenging election results is the default position of any Democrat losing a close race.

On CNN just last week Don Lemon bristled at Donald Trump for suggesting select elections had been rigged for Democrats. Yet during this how-dare-he segment, Lemon invited Andrew Gillum on to discuss this outrage. Gillum had just recently claimed his own bid the governor’s mansion in Florida had been taken fom him, because he baselessly claimed they had not been able “to legally count every one of those votes”. Gillum next mentioned his friend Stacey Abrams, and he declared soundly that “she was cheated out of her race”.

While Lemon angrily stated Trump was unable to take responsibility for election losses, and said he had no proof of rigged results, he sat by silently and allowed Gillum to make his claims, unchallenged, and without offering any tangible proof.

Since Stacey Abrams is allowed to make her unchallenged claims allow me to toss other buckets of facts at her conspiracy bonfire, to go along with her own contradictory evidence. Here are the principle complaints she has given to justify her resisting the election results.


Brian Kemp purged 1.5 million voters from the electorate — What were purged here was a collection of non-voters. What is pernicious here is what Abrams does NOT tell the cameras. That number is the total removed from voter rolls since 2012. Kemp did not chuck ballots during the election, as it is made to sound. As SoS he was following the laws written by a Democrat legislature and signed by a Democrat governor to clean voter rolls and remove names of dormant voters, following notification. Kemp himself was not involved with these removals

Kemp held up 53,000 voter registrations — These were held for discrepancies in their paperwork, or conflicting information. This does not prevent voting, by Georgia law. Individuals that had issues could have brought valid identification to clarify the conflicts and then proceeded to vote. These are issues dealt with at local precincts, and had nothing to do with Kemp, nor his office.

Over 200 voting locations were closed — Another scare statistic offered by Abrams. Again, these were the totals going back to 2012, not done to prepare for the vote this Fall . The closings were in areas where county polling officials (not State, and not Kemp) decided to consolidate locations.

Wait times at polling locations were over 4 hours at some locations — This can hardly be something that Kemp engineered. And, it stands to reason that with fewer locations (again, decided upon by local precinct directors), and the increased turnout Abrams touted, that waiting times would extend. Also this means many people decided to forego using the early voting options in Georgia.


So those are some of the corrective facts. Combine those uncomfortable details with Stacey Abrams providing proof herself to contradict her accusations, and you have every reason for her to refrain from any more interviews claiming her election was stolen. In fact, you have every reason now to have the field of Democratic candidates to think twice about naming her as a potential running mate.


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