Are We Supposed to Send Him Donuts?? - Democrats Have a Latino Vote Challenge With Their Spanish Websites


Offering free college is one thing. If they offer free dozens from Dunks they have my vote!

The minority vote is one that Democrats enjoy laying claim to every election. For generations they have worked on programs pandering to specific groups, to the extent they not only expect to win the minority advantage but frequently they take these groups for granted. This seems evident with the rollout of various websites for the candidates regarding their Spanish language pages. Politico has studied those sites and for a number of candidates they do not even have Spanish content, and of those who do many have content that can be said to be muy mal.


With a swollen field of potential candidates only getting bigger the Democratic contenders for the 2020 Presidential election continues to grow. This means that becoming noticed is an increasingly difficult effort, and many of the hopefuls are busy trying to out-extreme each other in their agendas to draw attention.

Sweeping environmental policies, eliminating all health insurance companies, revoking the electoral college, and promising to pay every citizen $1,000 are all proposals that have already been offered. It will only get more insane. This summer we will see a series of debates, and the Democratic field is so large they have to divide them in half and hold separate debates on successive nights.

So being noticed in all avenues is key, and distinguishing yourself with Latinos is crucial. But many of the political players have fumbled in this regard.

Three of the candidates — Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang and John Delaney — do not have a Spanish web presence, and two others are surprisingly still lacking a full complement of content. Bernie Sanders having an incomplete Spanish platform is a mystery, as he had campaigned at length in the last election and should have content at the ready. And Beto O’Rourke likewise is still constructing his Spanish components; this is baffling, since he was recently declared to speak in “his native Spanish”.


Of those who have set up Spanish-language pages it is clear there has been light attention given to them. This is more than incorrect gender usage or a few conjugation slip-ups. It was found in some cases the candidates’ staff simply resorted to using Google Translate, leading to incomprehensible passages at times. Some of the errors are either revealing, or outright hilarious.

It was found in January from Latino Rebels that Kamala Harris had one passage that read how she “Had wasted her whole life fighting for the people”. Cory Booker, who speaks the language, was praised for probably the best use of Spanish, but even he was not beyond the slight stumble. In one section he is pictured in an American football uniform, but the copy said only it was “futbol“, which indicates he was playing soccer.

Amy Klobuchar’s Spanish content was entirely transcribed via Google Translate it was found, leading to quite a few malaprops in text. In a segment discussing how her parents sent her to a secondary education it essentially reads that she was “mailed to college”. In another section, instead of declaring she was nearby a location, she actually stated how she was speaking from “inside the Mississippi River“.

Elizabeth Warren has a page meant to induce undecided voters to click on a particular link. What had been meant to read as “I’m not sure”, instead was displayed with the indecipherable “In reality, I am not on, and have here for what.” That blather should see that people remain undecided. In another link directing you to see all the questions on her plan she in fact called them “issues”.


And while Bernie Sanders does not have a full on Spanish site he does have a page that compels people in Spanish where they can send him money. Maybe. Bilingual journalist Laura Martinez noted that while she was not inspired to give him money based on the link, she may have become peckish as a result.

Instead of reading as “Donate”, the link at the top seems to be promising voters can get free “Donuts”. Count me in, Bernie!!!


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