The Woke Superhero Trend May Just Begin as Marvel Head Kevin Feige Approves of Actor-ism


Get ready, the comic book origin stories may become more lecturing than entertaining.

As Bonchie wrote yesterday, Chris Evans is dispirited when it comes to Hall Of Fame quarterback Tom Brady. The GOAT thrower has been a supporter of President Trump since his campaign days, with a MAGA hat in his locker perplexing sports writers. The actor Evans — a very outspoken and occasionally vulgar opponent of trump — mentioned that he may have to “cut ties” if Brady is still a supporter of the President.


What seems hilariously lost on Evans is that many Marvel fans could feel the same way. When he comes out and says things like he feels Trump is “a dumbs**t President” there is a likelihood fans could feel as he does towards Brady. But in Hollywood the people who love to gaze into mirrors rarely possess that kind of introspection.

Actress Brie Larson had been as polarizing during her red carpet blitz for the recent release “Captain Marvel”, taking her woke activist views on the road and leading to pre-release backlash for the film. With the impending debut of the next Marvel epic, “Avengers: Endgame” there are indications that same social lecturing could be arriving. (DC comics upcoming new release “Shazam!” manages to avoid social causes.)

Entertainment writer Christian Toto noted this possibility recently at his website. Chris Evans is looking ahead while his term as Captain America is about to come to a close, but he is unbothered that his polarizing politics could have a negative effect on his career. In fact he states that when it comes to his provocative comments on Twitter the master behind the monumentally successful Marvel films, Kevin Feige, is in full support of the actor’s views.

According to the actor:Marvel has never said anything. On the contrary — when I bump into Kevin Feige the first thing out of his mouth is ‘Man, I love what you’re doing [on Twitter].” Maybe this is due to the fact that Marvel films are so huge that the company, and parent studio Disney, are not concerned about losing market share. After all, despite the heavy prerelease negativity, “Captain Marvel” has been doing good business.


So maybe Disney sees a calculated formula, or maybe they simply do not see a percentage impact. To date “Captain Marvel” has grossed $900 million globally, and is still going strong. Who is to say that had Brie Larson not said distancing quotes during the PR tour the film could have made $950 million by now? It is entirely possible the studio cannot measure the negative impact, aand if unseen it is therefore unfelt.

This monetary blindspot seems to be fueling the messaging behind the Marvel films. As Christian Toto notes, this appears to be a coming trend.

There’s still an important shift happening at Feige’s MCU, and it appears the man himself is cheering it on. Last year’s “Black Panther” became the franchise’s most politicized offering. The recent “Captain Marvel” teems with woke nods, from the clumsy empowerment themes to the feminist asides. And the MCU’s least charismatic figure shall lead them? Or is it the franchise’s most woke Avenger that matters most here? Feige’s recent comments regarding Captain America himself, Chris Evans, suggests it’s the latter.

This gives us a peek into what could become of Marvel’s next stage of its cinematic universe. More social commentary and shoehorned messages into the films. Feige should really study this before moving forward with such storylines. Disney permitted this kind of content to seep into “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, and the film became a monumental money loser for the studio.


Kevin Feige needs to think this through, before he foists on us comic book heroes with the superpower of delivering lectures.

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