Amy Klobuchar Nets a Key Endorsement for her Candidacy -- Who Wants to Tell Her It is a Fictional Character?


Even though the election is still very far off in such a crowded field, that seems to still be growing, it is always a good idea to compile your key endorsements. As far as getting crucial backing, the term “early and often” is actually encouraged.


Amy Klobuchar has touted her campaign receiving a key backing, but as much as it may be considered good news one needs to raise a question: Is she actually aware who has lent her their support?

In a brief red carpet interview with Variety actress Amy Poehler was asked who in the Democratic field her political television character might support in the campaign. Klobuchar was name-checked, as much for her geographical gravitas as any other reason.


You have to appreciate the interviewer, attempting to offer Poehler options, getting stuck on the name Paul Buttigieg and simply resorting to calling him, “The gay mayor”.

It was an interesting interlude because one of Klobuchar’s opponents weighed in on the endorsement with a touch of snark: none other than the “gay mayor” himself.


Look, it is going to be a long slog of a campaign in front of us for well over a year. It is the fluff items like this which we may end up relying upon to help get us through the marathon.

Of course, the key endorsement for anyone is going to come from Ron Swanson. We will stand by awaiting notification.

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